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Badnawar Sangh Mumukshu Ku. Thandla Sangh invited on initiation of Anjali Bokadiya


Jan 27, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) The arrival of an auspicious coincidence and that too the most sacred and auspicious occasion of restraint is extremely rare. Due to the immense virtue and Guru’s grace of Badnavar Sangh, the most revered Jainacharya of the era, Shri Dharamdas M.S. In the glorious tradition of the Bokadia family, the beloved daughter of Ms. Jain Bhagwati initiation of Anjali sister Bokadiya on Monday, 19 February 2024 by the present promoter Buddhaputra Pujya Shri Jinendramuni M.S. It has to be accomplished with Mukharvind.

For which Barnavar Sangh is sending magazines to Malvanchal as well as Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra etc. Sanghs with great enthusiasm and requesting them to attend the Diksha.
In the same sequence, President of Badnavar Sangh Surendra Moonat, Vice President Umrao Chopra and Ashok Bokadia, Organization Minister Naveen Moonat, Former President Chandraprakash Bokadia, family members, parents Sarita Kavish Bokadia, Jayantilal Kanthed etc. came to Thandla and worshiped Saralamana Shri Nikhilsheela M.S. After visiting Aadi Thana-4, he sent the invitation for initiation while doing auspicious shravan. The same was present while presenting the invitation magazine to Thandla Sangh President Bharat Bhansali, Patron Rameshchandra Shrimal, Spokesperson Pawan Nahar, Lalit Jain Youth Club President Ravi Lodha, Former President Hemant Shrimal etc. After attending the initiation, he took advantage of Sanyam Yatra approval of the initiate and requested him to provide him with auspicious blessings.

It is noteworthy that on 19th February, on the holy land of Badnawar, the ascetic, Pujya Gurudev Kanmuni M.S. With the blessings of Anu Vatsa, respected Shri Sanyat Muniji M.S., philosopher respected Shri Dharmendra Muniji M.S., interesting speaker respected Shri Sandeep Muniji M.S. Aadi Thana and Soumyamurthy, Respected Shri Madhubalaji MS, Saralmana, Respected Shri Muktiprabhaji MS, Sanyam Ruchika, Respected Shri Sanyamprabha Ji MS, Punya Punj, Respected Shri Punyashilaji MS, Respected Shri Anupamshilaji MS. In the holy presence of Adi Thana, the originator Shri Jinendramuniji M.S. Child Brahmachari Ms. Punypunj Punyashilaji M.S. will teach the initiation lesson to Anjali Bokadiya. Will be called a disciple of.

Jain Bhagwati Diksha will be completed in Bokadia family after 40 years. Before this, the total pride of Bokadia family, respected Shri Ratanmuniji M.S. He entered into a life of restraint and served his government and achieved his spiritual goal.
On this occasion, Thandla Sangh extended hospitality to Badnavar Sangh at the residence of Rameshchandra Chunnilal Shrimal family and bid them an emotional farewell.

image-146-1024x854 Badnawar Sangh Mumukshu Ku. Thandla Sangh invited on initiation of Anjali Bokadiya

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