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Action taken by the police against the vehicle owner, a fine of 2 lakh 79 thousand


Jan 26, 2024

In Gangakhed (Anil Shete) city, a total of 285 vehicle with fancy number plates, without documents and without number plates were fined for standing on the road beyond the stipulated time. Besides, the police also issued notices to street vendors and cart vendors. Encroachment on the road was done on 19th January and on 25th January.

Police took action against vehicles parked for long periods on the main roads and routes of the city, vehicles without number plates, vehicles with fancy number plates and vehicles without documents. Punitive action was taken against 285 drivers in the main market for violating vehicle rules. In this punitive action, a total fine of Rs 2 lakh 79 thousand 400 was collected. Apart from this, on the way to Adalat Road, Shri Ram Chowk, Punyashlok Ahilyabai Holkar Chowk, part of Police Zone, Nava Modha Zone, vendors selling carts, fruits and goods and street vendors blocked the traffic on public roads. A total of 23 such fruit and vegetable vendors have been issued notices under Section 102 of the Maharashtra Police Act. Under the guidance of Assistant Police Inspector Shivkar, Police Sub-Inspector T.Y. Chatewar, Police Sub-Inspector Sandeep Gade, Police Shankar Kamwad, Deepak Whavale etc. took the above action.

image-141-1024x576 Action taken by the police against the vehicle owner, a fine of 2 lakh 79 thousand

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