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Maa Saraswati temple established in the school of Jhadwasa town of Ajmer district


Jan 25, 2024

Ajmer, Rajasthan (Rajesh Verma) Retired Pratibha Sharma dedicated the newly constructed Saraswati Temple, Jhadwasa Vidyalaya. In the newly constructed temple, along with 101 lamps, offerings were also made in the Yagya by chanting Vedic mantras. Local Government High School of Jhadwasa town of Nasirabad subdivision of Ajmer district. Saraswati temple was established in the secondary school on Thursday by a retired senior teacher.

In the month of November 23, senior teacher Pratibha Sharma retired from Jhadwasa school and in the said school, the idol of Maa Saraswati was consecrated in the newly constructed temple by the Sharma family in the presence of pundits along with recitation of Vedic mantras in the presence of Rajesh and Aruna Sharma.
Principal Kaushalya Yadav told that the temple of Mata Saraswati was not built in the school. It was due to the good thinking and generous spirit of retired Pratibha Sharma that Saraswati temple was built and established in this school. Not only this, Pratibha Sharma told that retired Even after this, as the exams of the children are nearing, she will still come to teach the children free of cost.

After consecrating the idol of Maa Sharda in the school, Prasad was made to all the boys and girls of the school and everyone present. The school family garlanded all the family members of Bhamashah and welcomed them as per Rajasthani tradition and the school family worshiped Maa Sharda every day. Took the responsibility of offering prayers. On this occasion, Diwali was also performed for 101 days at the newly constructed Saraswati temple in the school by the students studying in the school. On this occasion, Sarpanch Bhanwar Singh Gaur, former Sarpanch Devkaran Gurjar, Shambhu Lal Meghvanshi, Mangilal and Tejmal Jat, Ladu Ram All the teachers of the school including Kharol, Norat Mal Bairwa, Gopal Sen and Savarlal Gurjar were present.

image-129-1024x576 Maa Saraswati temple established in the school of Jhadwasa town of Ajmer district

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