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Big news for the prisoners lodged in the jails of Madhya Pradesh on Republic Day


Jan 25, 2024

Bhopal (Pavan paruthi) 75th Republic Day will be celebrated on 26 January in the country including Madhya Pradesh. Preparations for this are being done in full swing. Due to this, special preparations are being made in the jails of Madhya Pradesh also. Along with flag hoisting, cultural programs are also to be organized in the jail. On the occasion of Republic Day, the tableau of the Jail Department will also be seen in the state level program to be held at Lal Parade Ground in the state. A contingent of the jail department is also to participate in the parade.

effect of good conduct and behavior

With this, 161 prisoners will be released from the jail department across Madhya Pradesh. There are 158 male prisoners and 3 female prisoners. IG Jail Sanjay Pandey said that 161 prisoners lodged in the districts of the state are being released considering their good conduct and behaviour. In fact, the jail administration recommends the release of such prisoners who are serving sentences for common crimes but their conduct and behavior while inside the jail is good and they behave as per the jail rules. She goes.

How many prisoners will be released from Bhopal?

In this case, the jail administration, along with the recommendation of the Jail Superintendent, also confirms at its own level, what is the conduct of the prisoner in the jail and how has his behavior towards other prisoners been towards the jail rules. This decision is taken by the jail administration only after seeing it. 30 prisoners are also to be released from the capital’s Central Jail, out of which 29 are male prisoners and one is a female prisoner.

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