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RTI activists’ fast unto death against corruption continues for the second day


Jan 24, 2024

Lakhisarai (Atmanand Singh) despite bitter cold and fog at the protest site of District Collectorate, RTI activists are protesting for the second day on Wednesday with various 14-point demands against the corrupt officials. According to the information received, RTI cum social worker has tried to bring transparency to the development and public welfare schemes run by the government and to present every scheme in front of the common people in a committed manner, to show the right direction of development and to help all at the district, block, city council and village panchayat level. People are protesting for the second day today against the lack of action even after receiving complaints against loot and corruption by corrupt government officials and public representatives in the development and public welfare schemes. These people say that the irregularities that come to light after the information received through RTI, no action is taken even after the complaint is presented to the officer, whereas the complaint is made to the Chief Minister, the leader of the opposition party, the High Court, and even the President. Despite complaints being made, no action is taken due to which the strike is being continued indefinitely.

Activist Amod Singh, who was protesting in this regard, said that we have protested against the system, even after filing a complaint application, no action is taken on the application given by the authorities. Information obtained through RTI is against the development schemes which do not give the result of development. Those developments are not implemented. Complaints are made about the lack of development in those works. Even after seeking information under RTI and finding irregularities in the development plans, timely investigation is not done by the authorities. There are many such schemes in which irregularities have come to light and even after applying, the workers are implicated in fake cases. Even after the order, work is not done on the ground.
Mainly in 14 point demands
Action along with investigation of complaint against development scheme and public welfare scheme pending in the district office.
Execution of pending Right to Information and appellate applications.
Action and investigation on complaints received at Panchayat level.
Investigation and action against corruption in sanitation, construction and equipment purchasing.
Investigation of fake vendors registered for supply of material.
Investigation of works done in 10 panchayats under MNREGA.
Scrutiny of development schemes proposed by MP and MLA.
Inspection of roads constructed by Rural Works Department.
.Investigation and action taken on giving two kilo less grains to the beneficiary in the public distribution system.
Looting of the amount allotted for repair work of government tube well in 2021/22/23.

Investigation of widespread loot in Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.

Government land is encroachment free.
Demand to give receipt of information and complaints available from the public in the police station, ASP and SP office.
An impartial investigation of the amount of expenditure has been included in the Ganga Pump Canal Project Suryagarh. On this occasion, mainly social workers Tuntun Prasad Singh, Amod Kumar Singh, Ramchandra Mandal, Santosh Kumar Singha, Ranveer Singh, Sanjay Kumar, Batohi Yadav former chief, Sanjay Kumar Prajapati and others were present.
In this regard, social activist Tuntun Prasad Singh said that the main demand is that the information received under the Right to Information pending in various works is not given by the district and state government. Our main policy is that the Governor, Chief Justice of India will take action against the officials involved in corruption. India, Chief Justice Patna, applications are made to the Chief Minister, opposition party leaders, district officers but the work is not done. Our demand is of 14 points, which we have been demanding since two years but the work has not been done by the officials involved in corruption. going.

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