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Hazira police station action under Operation Muskaan


Jan 24, 2024

Police traced the whereabouts of a minor boy who went missing six years ago from Hazira police station area in Mumbai through the old Aadhar card.

 Due to the alertness of the police team, the police searched the old Aadhaar card of the missing child in Mumbai.
 The missing child had fled to Mumbai due to the violence by his family members.
 The missing child is currently an adult and is earning a good income by working in Mumbai.

Gwalior (Pavan Paruthi) 23.01.2024 – On the instructions of Police Headquarters, Bhopal, Operation Muskaan is being run in entire Madhya Pradesh to trace missing boys and girls. In compliance with the above instructions, effective action is being taken in Gwalior district also by running a campaign under Operation Muskaan on the instructions of Superintendent of Police Gwalior Shri Rajesh Singh Chandel (BJP). In this context, Additional Superintendent of Police (North) Shri Amrit Meena has directed all the police station in-charges under him to conduct a campaign under Operation Muskaan for the safe search of missing boys and girls.
As per the instructions of senior officers, under the able guidance of CSP Maharajpura Shri Nagendra Singh Sikarwar, police teams have been formed to search for the missing boys and girls from the subordinate police station areas. Some time ago, old cases of Section 363 IPC were reviewed by CSP Maharajpura. During the review, the case of a minor child who went missing from Gadaipura of police station Hazira area in the year 2018 came to notice, in which the complainant father Mahendra Rajput lodged a report in police station Hazira regarding the disappearance of his son Ashu Rajput on 20.09.2018. Was. On the report of the complainant, a case of UPC-495/18 Section 363 IPC was registered in Hazira police station and taken up for investigation. A reward of Rs 10,000 has been announced by the Superintendent of Police, Gwalior for the whereabouts of the abducted Ashu Rajput.

A special team of police was formed under the guidance of CSP Maharajpura to look after the said minor boy Ashu. During the investigation, the father of the abducted child was interrogated and inquired about the reason and immediate circumstances of the child’s disappearance. The police team obtained the old Aadhaar card of the missing child and extracted information about the mobile SIMs issued on his Aadhaar card. Out of which one SIM is currently found active in Mumbai. From which a police team was sent to Mumbai. On the basis of technical assistance, the police team in Mumbai reached the whereabouts of the said missing child and the missing child who is now an adult. When he was questioned about running away from home, he told that my father used to beat me for not going to tuition, due to which I got angry and ran away from home to Mumbai. Where he made some friends who helped me. Gumshuda was working as a builder in Mumbai and was earning a good amount. Which the police team collected from Mumbai and brought to Gwalior. The missing child became emotional after seeing his parents. The police reunited the missing person with his parents and the missing person became happy after meeting them.

Commendable role:- Police station in-charge Hazira Brijendra Bhadauria, Souni Raghavendra Singh, Jaswant Singh, P.R. in locating the missing. Padam Singh, constable Bhikam Sikarwar, Shambhu Singh, Anup Singh, Kuldeep Tomar played commendable roles.

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