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Villagers submitted memorandum to the District Magistrate regarding irregularities in road construction


Jan 23, 2024

Lakhisarai (Atmanand Singh) dozens of villagers of Ramnagar village of Ramgarh Chowk block area of the district have met the District Magistrate and submitted a memorandum regarding their complaint about the road being built in the village. Through the application given to the District Magistrate, the villagers informed the District Magistrate that under Surari Imamnagar Panchayat area of Ramgarh block, the road from Lakhisarai Sheikhpura Path via Ramnagar village to Billo Chewada Path is being renovated. Which is being constructed by contractor Rajneesh Kumar. Despite repeated objections from the villagers, construction of the pitch is being done arbitrarily.

Local resident Ramnaresh Singh said that the main road of the village has to be cast up to 1000 feet. But there are irregularities in the material used in this construction. Due to which this rural road will quickly deteriorate and the villagers will not be able to get any benefit by renovating it. He said that the villagers had complained about this to the contractor several times but he was not ready to listen to anything, due to which dozens of villages reached the District Magistrate’s office and submitted a memorandum regarding the investigation of the road construction work and proper investigation was done. Has demanded to go.

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