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Unified Action Gwalior Police Unites to Protect a Pregnant Woman from Domestic Violence


Jan 23, 2024

Gwalior (Sandeep Shukla) 23.01.2024. Under the guidance and guidance of Superintendent of Police, Gwalior Shri Rajesh Singh Chandel, BHPUS. Under the direction of Superintendent of Police North Shri Amrit Meena, the face of TI Mera Bhai of Gwalior Police was seen. When a pregnant woman came to Utila police station with her one year old daughter to file a report, an FIR for assault was registered in the police station. Twenty days after the FIR, the woman again came to SDOP Behat Mr. Santosh Patel with a complaint that her husband was not taking her with him and she was living in her maternal house. How long will his parents keep him? Police station in-charge Utila Shivam Rajawat assured the sister that in two days your brother will take you to your in-laws’ house and her husband will come to take her.

Small disputes between husband and wife continue for years, causing financial and mental loss and also social disintegration of the family. The police made both the parties sit at the temple in front of the police station and explained and tried to clear the doubts. In which the matter came from the mother’s side that the son-in-law should keep our daughter with him and wherever he sells clothes, he should keep the daughter there. On which son-in-law Naval Banjara also agreed and the police organized a baby shower for the pregnant sister by giving her saree, sal, fruits and sweets. Both of them put a garland and resolved to live a married life again. The police sent both of them off on a motorcycle, due to which the daughter’s mother and both parties looked very happy.

In the family settlement, Sub Inspector Shubham Sharma and P.R. Sunil Goyal played an important role.

image-121 Unified Action Gwalior Police Unites to Protect a Pregnant Woman from Domestic Violence

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