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Seminar organized on the rise of cultural nationalism


Jan 23, 2024

Lakhisarai (Atmanand Singh) A seminar on the rise of cultural nationalism was organized by the Post Graduate History Department on Tuesday in the local KSS College. Dr. Anwar Iqbal presided. In-charge Pracharya Prof. Dr. Ajay Kumar, who was present as the chief guest in the program, threw light on the topic in his address and said that nationalism is a national sentiment. Which any person gets as a result of being born in that nation. Whereas cultural nationalism which is governed by people’s beliefs, personal conduct, religious behavior, family rituals. This is the main difference between nationalism and citizenship.

Citizenship is obtained after fulfilling certain legal rules set by the government of any country. Whereas true nationalism is to strive for national development with complete dedication and sacrifice, inspired by feelings of patriotism and love for the country. Dr. Anwar Iqbal inspired the students and said that every citizen should have true love for nationalism. The stage was conducted by Dr. Saket Kumar Ravi. Professor Dr. Sanyukta Bharti, Dr. Subhashit Rai, Dr. Babli Kumari, Dr. Nirmal Kumar Anand, Dr. Kirti Kumari along with postgraduate students Tanya Bhardwaj, Sonam Kumari, Alka, Kalpana, Ramkripal, Shivam and Guddu also expressed their views. .

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