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Organization of jail inspection and literacy camp


Jan 23, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) As per the instructions of District Judge and President Mrs. Vidhi Saxena, under the chairmanship of Chief Judicial Magistrate Gautam Singh Markam and in the presence of District Legal Aid Officer Sagar Aggarwal, Legal Aid Defense Council Advocate Vishwas Shah, and Shivam Verma, legal literacy in District Jail Jhabua. Camp and jail inspections were organized.

Chief Judicial Magistrate Gautam Singh Markam, who is presiding over the camp, said in his address that many prisoners are not aware of their rights.

Prisoners have the right to get free legal aid at the remand level, trial level, and appellate level.

A legal aid clinic is established in jail.

Where panel lawyers and lawyers of the Legal Aid Defense Council System are present from time to time and provide legal aid to the prisoners.

Where each prisoner can express the problems related to his case.

Describing the rights of prisoners, he said that as soon as a person is arrested by the police, the person becomes eligible for legal rights. Next-of-kin have to be informed within 24 hours of a person’s arrest.

Before presenting the remand in court, one can decide whether he wants to be a government lawyer or a private lawyer.

Inform the prisoners about the persons entitled to legal services.

Information was also given about the rights of prisoners under free legal aid.

It was also explained how crimes are committed by a person.

The prisoners confined in the jail, who have not been released despite not being able to submit the application and having bail, were told to file the application through the Legal Services Authority or to submit the application through the Jail Superintendent.

During the inspection, information was taken from male and female prisoners about the facilities they were getting in the jail by visiting every cell of men and women.

Also, the moral duties of the prisoners in the jail are to live together in the jail, maintain cleanliness, cooperate with the jail administration, and, after being released from the jail, cooperate in stopping other people from committing crimes and not do such work that will lead to jail again. They were told to come back, and after being released from jail, they were encouraged to free themselves from crime and rejoin the mainstream of society.

Addressing the women prisoners in the camp, Markam said that all of you should be aware of your rights, for which education is very important.

Even today, there is a lot of backwardness in society due to illiteracy, for which there is a great need for education. It was told in the camp that if any female prisoner detained in the jail does not have an advocate, then she can send an application to the District Legal Services Authority through the Jail Superintendent. On which he will be named a free advocate. It was told by Markam that if the women prisoners detained in the jail require any kind of legal assistance, they can contact the Legal Aid Clinic established in the jail and get their problems resolved. In the camp, advocates Shivam Verma and Vishwas Shah from the Legal Aid Defense Council told the prisoners about the Legal Aid Defense Council system. Jail Superintendent Dushyant Pagare and jail staff were present in the said camp.

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