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Presented commemorative coins and currency book to the Police Commissioner


Jan 22, 2024

Indore (Tahir Kamal Siddiqui) National Monetary Council National President Girish Sharm Aditya gifted his famous currency book and commemorative coins to Police Commissioner Makrand Deuskar and told him some interesting things related to the coins. Girish Sharma Aditya, author of the book Mudra, said that this book contains the study or collection of currency. Which is proving useful in the comprehensive study of research students or collectors of coins. He said that this book makes one aware of the rich heritage of India. The Police Commissioner also praised the writing of this book.

It is noteworthy that Girish Sharma Aditya has a large collection of ancient coins and currencies. He is also a principled, nationalist, and democratic fighter. Shri Sharma has received many honors for his special research and collection in the field of numismatics. He has given comprehensive lectures abroad on his ancient Indian coins and has published a book on ancient coins dating back 2500 years. Girish Sharma Aditya had recently made the common people aware of the Indian currency heritage by successfully organizing the Indore Currency Mahotsav. Now his intention is to establish a currency museum in the city.

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