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Traffic Advisory for Shri Ram Janmotsav Celebration at Phalka Bazaar Ram Mandir on 22.01.2024


Jan 21, 2024

Gwalior (Pavan Paruthi) Route system will be diverted at some places. The diversion plan is as follows:-

Diversion Plan:-

1- Entry of vehicles will be completely restricted on the road leading from Tajiya to Ram Mandir.

2- Entry of vehicles going towards new road from Gol Pahadiya Janakganj Jiwajiganj will be completely restricted, vehicles going towards Inderganj, City Center will have to take alternative route Hanuman Chouraha, Janakganj Dispensary, Madhouganj Chouraha, K.R. You will be able to go via G College using Dhimrod route.

3- Vehicles will be completely banned on the road leading from Maharaj Bada Sarafa towards Chapparwala Bridge. Therefore, the general public is requested to use the alternative route of Patankar, Inderganj, Nadigate to reach Shinde’s Cantonment, Chhaparwala Bridge.

4- Vehicles going from Inderganj intersection towards Maharaj Bada will be able to take left from Patankar intersection and go to Maharaj Bada via Daulatganj.

5- On the occasion of Shri Ram Janmotsav, religious processions, processions, Rath Yatras by various committees/organizations (like Ramlila Celebration Committee, Shri Ram Hindu Sena, Gargaj Mandir Mahat, Sanatan Dharma Mandir, Bhagwa Hindu Kranti, etc.) at Maharaj Bada, Daulat Ganj, Inderganj Patankar, New road, patrolling procession will be taken out in the areas etc. which will reach Ram temple from around 12.00 noon to 7.00 pm. The general public is requested not to use the said routes during this period and use alternative routes.

Use. Vehicles going to Maharaj Bada from River Gate, turn left from Inderganj intersection from River Gate.

Via Roshni Ghar, Achaleshwar Square, RG of Medical Square, you will be able to reach Maharaj Bada via Madhoganj Square.

Parking arrangement:-

1- You will be able to park your vehicles in the two-wheeler parking located at the intersection behind Ram Mandir.

2- You will be able to park your vehicles in the four wheeler parking in front of Kailash Talkies.

3- Patankar Square will be able to park their vehicles in the two wheeler parking built at the old petrol pump.


There is an appeal to the general public to cooperate with the Gwalior Traffic Police in keeping the city’s traffic system organized and smooth by using alternative routes on 22.01.24.

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