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Shringi Rishi’s door the Mundan Sanskar of Lord Shri Ram took place


Jan 21, 2024

Lakhisarai (Atmanand Singh) Shri Ram Mahotsav Committee Lakhisarai organized a grand Shri Ram Shobha Yatra on 21st January, the day before Shri Ramlala Pran Pratistha in Ayodhya, on 22nd January. Chaiti Durga place, new market, starting from Lakhisarai, new market, big Durga place, old market, small. Durga Sthan, Thana Chowk Shiv Durga Mandir, Vidyapeeth Chowk Durga Mandir, Garhi Bishanpur Bajrangbali Temple, Rampur Durga Sthan, Mano Durga Sthan, Nawabganj Shiv Mandir, Dhanori Village, Shobhani, Lakshmipur Village Amar Tola, Ramsir, Jalappa Sthan Beard Head Bajrangbali Chowk, Shimla will depart for Shringi Rishi Dham via Kodasi. In this Shri Ram Shobha Yatra, hundreds of four-wheelers, hundreds of motorcycles, DJs, drums, drums, horses along with thousands of people will march with flags in their hands, chanting Jai Shri Ram.

This information was given through joint press conference of Shri Ram Mahotsav Committee Lakhisarai Patron Krishna Murari, Ramnivas Singh, Sanoj Kumar, District President Rakesh Kumar Ranjit, Vice President Dr SN Bharti, Amit Sagar, Munchun Kumar Secretary Sunil Kumar Sharma, Vikash Anand, Gopi. Kumar, co-coordinator Amit Kumar Bam Bam, Sanjeev Soni, Arvind Soni, treasurer Anay Kumar held a joint press conference. The main objective of this Shri Ram Shobha Yatra is to identify Shringi Rishi Dham on the map of India as well as at the world level. It is said that the Mundan Sanskar of Lord Shri Ram and his brothers took place at this Dham. Mundan Sanskar is also considered among the 16 Sanskars, today every place of Shri Ram is being discussed across the country where some of the pastimes of Lord Shri Ram’s life have taken place, but Shringi Rishi Dham is being discussed only till Lakhisarai.

Its identity is limited only till Shri Ram Circuit reached Ayodhya. People across the country know Shringi Rishi Dham as the place of tonsure of Lord Shri Ram. Through the press conference, an appeal was made to the people of the district to participate in this Shri Ram Shobha Yatra in large numbers, as well as to shower flowers, distribute Prasad at various places to beautify this Shri Ram Shobha Yatra. On the occasion of the consecration of Shri Ram Lalla in Ayodhya on 22 January, people should light lamps in their homes and perform Aarti of Lord Shri Ram.

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