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Shocking Revelations Unveiled Police Uncover Illicit Affairs in Dularchand Murder Case; Two Arrested, Including Minor


Jan 21, 2024

Lakhisarai (Atmanand Singh) after identifying the body of a minor found on Dokra mountain near Jalappa place under the Kiul police station area of the district a day earlier on Friday, solved the mystery of the case on Saturday and declared it a murder case. The police have also arrested two accused, including a minor, involved in the murder. Both the deceased and the accused are residents of Singhchak village in the Kiul police station area. On Saturday, SP Pankaj Kumar made the matter public by holding a press conference in his chamber. While invoking the case, the police revealed the murder of 12-year-old Dularchand due to an illicit relationship.

SP Pankaj Kumar said that Prakash Yadav’s 12-year-old son Dularchandra was murdered due to the illicit relationship between his mother and aunt. The SP claimed that Ganga Yadav, the accused arrested in the murder case, had an illicit relationship with the mother of the deceased, while the minor had an illicit relationship with the aunt of the deceased. The deceased had seen Ganga Yadav in an objectionable position with her mother. Whereas the mother opposed the minor’s relationship with his aunt, both the accused are said to be uncles and nephews. One to hide their illicit relationship and the other to protest; together, they killed Dularchand in a coordinated manner.

SP said that after the recovery of the body, on the basis of the post-mortem process along with the interrogation of the family, an FIR was registered against both the accused, and a SIT team was formed under the leadership of SP Roshan Kumar to investigate the case. The team took immediate action and arrested both the accused involved in the case and the investigation into the case. During the investigation, the police also recovered CCTV footage against both accused. In which both of them were seen going with the deceased. Whereas the deceased was not with anyone while coming back out of turn. Both accused have also accepted their involvement in the incident. One of them told his mother, and the other told his aunt that he committed the crime due to an illicit relationship.

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