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AI Impact on Journalism Honoring Yashwant Ghodawat’s Legacy and the Need for Journalist to Stay Informed – Pankaj Kshirsagar


Jan 21, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) a late journalist, is considered to be the banyan tree of journalism in the district. On the occasion of the 10th death anniversary of Yashwant Ghodawat, the annual general conference of the District Journalist Association was organized in Thandla. Well-known journalists from the state, Kirti Rana, Rajni Khaitan, and Pankaj Kshirsagar, participated in the conference as guests.

The program organized at Thandla Metro Complex was inaugurated with the garlanding of the picture of Goddess Saraswati and the lighting of a lamp. District Journalist Association President Rajesh Soni gave the welcome speech. Patron Sanjay Bhatewara informed us about the concept of the program. The journalists of the district were present in the program late. Offered floral tributes to the portrait of Yashwant Ghodawat.

Independent journalist Rajni Khaitan, who participated as a special guest in the program, told about the problems faced by artificial intelligence technology in journalism. Rajni Khaitan expressed disappointment over the lack of women in the field of journalism.

Pankaj Kshirsagar, OSD of presiding Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, threw light on the usefulness of journalists in the political field. Explaining the danger of AI technology, he said that after mobile technology, AI has made its presence felt in every field across the world.
AI will also affect journalism; hence, every journalist will now have to stay updated daily. Chief guest Kirti Rana explained the connection between regional journalism and metropolitan journalism and the usefulness of news sources and follow-up stories written after the incident.

Rana said that today’s visit is full of problems for journalism, yet organizing such events in Jhabua district is actually a big, challenging task that is being done under the banner of the District Journalist Association.

This has been seen in Jhabua itself, where the journalist fraternity is honoring not only the talented students but also the service-minded people serving society and the rising, bright, struggling journalists of their fraternity. honored the talents The award for emerging journalism in the region was given to Sunil Solki of village Bhamal; the award for strong journalism was given to Dr. Umesh Sharma; and posthumously, the award for struggling journalism was given to the late Sumankant Shukla Petlawad.

The students standing first in classes 10th and 12th were awarded on behalf of Sanjay Bhatewara, Patron of the District Journalist Association. The students coming first were given a certificate of Rs 1515, and the students coming second were given a certificate and a check worth Rs 1111.

4 students from the Khawasa cluster and 5 students from the Thandla cluster were awarded. Dr. Kamlesh Paraste and Dr. who served in the civil hospital Manish Dubey was honored for his services in the city by being presented with a shawl and quince. Journalists from all major cities and rural areas of Jhabua district participated in the program. The program was conducted by Rajesh Vaidya and Akshay Bhatt, and a vote of thanks was accepted by Thandla Tehsil Assembly President Manish Ahirwar.

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