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Winter’s Relentless Grip Chilled Schools and Foggy Roads in Kheri


Jan 20, 2024

Lakhimpur-Kheri (SP Tiwari) Severe cold is continuing from the plains of the country to the mountains. People suffering from the harshness of winter do not see any relief in the coming days. According to the latest information released by the Meteorological Department. ,fog, cold days, and cold wave conditions are expected to persist in North India.

In the same sequence, in Kheri district, there was fog throughout the day on Friday, and people remained shivering due to the cold wave. There was no relief from the shivering and cold throughout the day. The situation was such that the fog continued till noon. People did not see the sun. A drop of one degree Celsius was recorded in the maximum temperature on Friday as compared to Thursday. Experts say that the cold and thaw will remain like this for the next few days. The winter continues in the district, and a continuous decline is being seen in the maximum temperature. Life has become disrupted due to melting and cold winds. The arrangements of the Municipal Council of Lakhimpur to protect against the cold are proving inadequate. Due to the increase in melting, people were seen confined to their homes while there was silence on the roads as well. On Friday, the maximum temperature was recorded at 16 degrees Celsius, while the minimum was recorded at 6 degrees Celsius.

It is noteworthy that the fog continued to fall until noon. The condition of rural areas was also very bad. Fog continued throughout the day in many rural areas. However, people got some relief from the cold when light sunshine appeared on Thursday. Experts in the Meteorological Department say that there may be a continuous drop in temperature, due to which there is every possibility of melting and cold increasing. When schools from grades 9 to 12 opened, children were forced to shiver.

By January 17, all schools from class one to intermediate were closed. But as of January 18, schools from grades nine to intermediate have been opened. Since the school has opened, children are forced to go to school shivering. Students from classes nine to intermediate have demanded the DM close the school in extreme cold.

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