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festival of Sankranti was celebrated with enthusiasm by women


Jan 20, 2024

Gangakhed (Anil Shete) Women celebrated Sankranti festival with enthusiasm. The women of Shete Gali celebrated Sankranti together. Women gathered at one place and distributed turmeric, kumkum and vaan. Women who gather to take Vaan invite women from their circle, female relatives, acquaintances, friends etc. should take Haldi Kumkam and Vaan. Moreover, they double their love by offering sesame seeds and jaggery. This festival was celebrated by the women of Shete Gali in Gangakhed town. Sankranti was celebrated by giving Haldi, Kunku and Vaan in a grand palace in Shete Gali. On this occasion Sumanbai Shete, Jayadevi Shete, Kamalbai Shete, Pratibha Shete, Ratnamala Shete, Sujata Shete, Sangeeta Shete, Jyoti Balaji Shete, Ankita Shete, Shilatai Shete, Jyoti Shete, Supriya Shete, Shubhangi Shete, Sheetal Shete, Swati Shete, Srisha Shete women together celebrated Sankranti and Anil Shete Gangakhed District Parbhani (Maharashtra)

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