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Children jumped with joy after receiving woolen clothes and thanked Chetna Sanstha


Jan 20, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) The cold winds blowing in North India have made the condition of common people miserable. Along with this, the mercury is falling rapidly every day, due to which the condition of the people is worsening. But most of all, due to this problem, roads and working places are facing problems. Children are struggling.

Chetna Sanstha (Childhood Enhancement through Training and Action) remains ready all the time; that is, as soon as winter took hold, there was a need for warm and woolen clothes, and in this biting cold, many children were seen without wearing warm clothes.

Therefore, Chetna Sanstha started the “Garmi Ki Jhappi” program for such needy children. The objective of this program is to provide warm clothes to about 3000 such children in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, and Jaipur.

Jackets and warm clothes were distributed to the street and working children studying in 11 alternative education centers run by Chetna Sanstha in the slums of Gurugram, as well as to the children living on roadsides, bus stops, and rain shelters. In this program, under the Center The principal and police officer of the visiting school were called as chief guests, and after their work, jackets were distributed to the children, and the faces of the children lit up with joy after receiving the jackets. The police station officer taught the children to stay away from crime and wrongdoing and become good people, while the principals inspired the children to go to school regularly and told them about government schemes. The project coordinator of the organization, Rajendra Kumar, said that the organization’s On the other hand, alternative education centers have been opened in 11 different areas of Gurugram for working children.

Here, those children who earlier used to work somewhere are taught. They are being taught to connect them with the mainstream of society. An educator has been appointed at each center who studies these children and prepares them for school. When these children are ready to go to school, they are enrolled in a government school. About 800 children are receiving education in these centers, and along with this, about 380 children have been enrolled in government schools. Aveg Verma, Suvorojit Das, Rajni, Komal, Mamta Jaiveer, Manish, and all other members of the organization were present in the summer hug program.

image-106-1024x576 Children jumped with joy after receiving woolen clothes and thanked Chetna Sanstha
image-107 Children jumped with joy after receiving woolen clothes and thanked Chetna Sanstha

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