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Bureaucratic Tangle Unnecessary Reorganization Shifts Villages to Distant Police Stations


Jan 20, 2024

Gangakhed (Anil Shete) While Gangakhed police station in the taluka and neighboring taluka are nearby, the villages are connected to distant police stations, and the villagers of that village are facing difficulties and inconvenience in going for complaints and other works. Reorganization of Gangakhed, Sonpeth, to increase the efficiency of the police and to provide quick help to the police in times of crisis, Pimpaldari police station is stuck in red tape. In 1999, the then Superintendent of Police, Amitabh Gupta, sent a proposal for reorganization. That proposal is stuck in red tape. tape.

If the village is close to the police station, then instead of connecting it to the nearest police station, connecting it to a police station 50 kilometers away prevents the police from getting timely help, and in case of an accident, the police are not able to help immediately. It takes two to four hours for the police to reach the spot. Gets success. The same village is 5 to 10 km away from the other police station. This affects the efficiency of the police.

Bhambarwadi village in Gangakhed taluka is attached to the Sonpeth police station. Bhabarwadi village is only 3 km away from Gangakhed Police Station. However, the villagers of this village have to go to the police station, which is 60 km away. Dharasur, Mahatpuri, and two villages of the taluka are conveniently located at a distance of 10 km from Gangakhed Police Station. These villages are connected to Sonpeth Police Station at a distance of 50 km. Gangakhed police station is 10 km away from Karam Ukhadgaon. Sonpeth is 32 km from this village. Vandan village is 10 km from Gangakhed police station. Vandan is connected to Sonpeth police station, which is 28 km away. Ukhali is 15 km away from Gangakhed Police Station and 33 km away. Ukhali. Distance is connected to Sonpeth Police Station. Mardagawala Gangakhed Police Station is 10 km away. The village is connected to Pimpaldari Police Station, which is 40 km away. Khandali village is 15 km from Gangakhed police station. This village is connected to Pimpaldari, and the police station is 35 kilometers away. Those villages have been given far-away police stations instead of nearby police stations. Police stations, which require more travel and time, have been established in these villages. Moreover, the police have to go to distant villages to conduct investigations and other tasks, leading to more delays and transportation costs. If villages are provided with police stations nearby, their time and cost will be saved.

Bhambarwadi, Mahatpuri, Karam Ukhadgaon, Dharasur, Vandan, Ukhali, and Neela have Gangakhed police stations at a distance of 10 to 15 km, while Sonpeth police stations have been attached at a distance of 30 to 50 km from these villages. 23 years ago, the then Superintendent of Police, Amitabh Gupta, sent a proposal to the government; this proposal is still alive today. The restructuring proposal is stuck in red tape. And Anil Shete Gangakhed District Parbhani (Maharashtra)

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