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“Bullish Wheels Nimari and Malvi Stars Shine at Navgraha Fair”


Jan 20, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) Apart from Nimari, bull pairs of Malvi breed reached Navgraha fair, one of the famous fairs of Madhya Pradesh, for sale. Buyers came from Gujarat and Maharashtra. Made the purchase after looking at the height and gait. Earlier too, bull pairs were sold at the same price as bikes. Farmers reached the market with cattle and wealth. Here the price of bull pairs was minimum Rs 50 thousand and maximum Rs 2 lakh. Buyers bought bulls after seeing their teeth. The bull pair of Suresh Yadav of Dayalpura was bought by Kapil Mas of Maharashtra for Rs 1.80 lakh.
Bull pair is strong in farming work.

Good bull pairs are available in Navgraha fair, hence have come here for purchase. Now digital deals are also being done in Chail market through buying and selling through WhatsApp and Facebook. Young businessmen Anshul Yadav and Tasleem of Khargone told that they upload photos and videos of bull pairs on WhatsApp and Facebook and put the price. Many buyers purchase bulls from there. Whereas Suresh had quoted their price as Rs 2.50 lakh. Kapil told that it is of Nimari or Malki breed. Good bell carts are available in this fair, hence we have come here for purchasing.

Now digital deals are also being done in the bull market by buying and selling through WhatsApp and Facebook. Age can be determined by teeth, gait can be predicted by asking

Traders Kalusingh Bauhan, Kailas Yadav of Adhavan, Purushottam Rathore of Umarkhali said that it is important to examine the bull pair thoroughly before purchasing it. Once the deal is done the pair is not refundable. Therefore, the age of bulls is estimated by looking at their teeth and their gait is estimated by asking. The bigger the teeth of the Dail, the longer would be its lifespan. If the tail is thin then it will be more capable of pulling running and agricultural equipment.

Morning and evening diet chart has been prepared for the bulls.

Farmer Bharat Champalal Yadav, who reached the market with a bullock pair from Goganya area, said that the wait for the fair lasts throughout the year. The price of the bullock pair he has is Rs 2.25 lakh. India said that the bulls were given special care for a year before bringing them here. His dieting chart has been prepared properly. From time to time he was given a mixture of thi, jaggery and turmeric salt. In the morning and evening, a mixture prepared by grinding coarse grains along with green grass and maize is fed.

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