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All sins are destroyed by chanting the name of Ram Pandit Nagar


Jan 20, 2024

Nanpur (Ali Asghar Bohra) On the occasion of Pran Pratishtha Mahotsav of Shri Ram Temple, a grand event of Shri Ram Katha is being organized at Badchowk by the Mahila Mandal of Sarva Hindu Samaj in Nanpur. Shri Ram Katha started in the form of a procession from Ram Mandir of the city and reached Bad Chowk, the place of the story, via Ram Chowk, Masjid Mohalla, and Sadar Bazaar of the city. Hundreds of Ram devotees and women participated in the procession. With the playing of Ramdhun and chants of Ram, people reached the Katha place in the city, where the Katha was started with the vocals of Pandit Kamlesh Nagar. Pandit Nagar said in the story from Vyas Peeth that one page of the Ramayana should be taught to oneself and the children every day so that the children can gain knowledge of religion. He urged the mothers and sisters to read the Ramayana instead of watching these TV serials. By chanting the name of Ram, all sins are destroyed.

AAP Shri said that nowadays, mother and sister eagerly wait for the serial Anupama to watch, after which they finish the household work quickly. Explaining the importance of Guru in the story of the first day, he said that it is necessary to have a Guru in life; if there was no Guru in life, then Samat Chandragupta would not have made Chanakya a Guru. When we are wandering in darkness, the Guru leads us towards light. Satsang turns a religious person into a divine person. Expressing his gratitude to Sanatani Mata and sisters, he said that by organizing Ramkatha, they gave us an opportunity to listen to the Leela of the Lord today. One should never go to the story empty-handed; that is, one should come holding someone’s hand. The story tells about the birth of Lord Ram in detail. The water in the story was contributed by Muslim brother Mehboob Pathan, and the beneficiary of the tea was Hunzefa Merchant, a grocer from the Bohra community. In the end, after Aarti, Prasad was distributed by Mahila Mandal.

image-108-768x1024 All sins are destroyed by chanting the name of Ram Pandit Nagar

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