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Video conferencing was organized for the successful conduct of school board examinations


Jan 19, 2024

Jhabua (Ali Asghar Bohra) The 10th and 12th board examinations of Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (Mashim) are starting from 05 February 2024. For this, Principal Secretary M.P. Under the chairmanship of the Government, School Education, video conferencing was taken for the successful conduct of the High and Higher Secondary Examination of the Board for the year 2024. In video conferencing, various points related to the examination were made known through power point presentation.

Special guidelines for the examination have been issued by MASHIM. In which the appointment of Center Head and Assistant Center Head will be done through randomization and after receiving the question paper, change in Center Head and Assistant Center Head can be done only after the permission of the Secretary, Board of Secondary Education. Question papers have been double packed. Boxes of question papers have been prepared centre-wise and date-wise. And this time the question papers will not be opened in the center head’s room but will be opened directly in the examination hall. Along with this, collector representative will be appointed at each centre. Collector representatives will be present at the police station/centre through the app and will collect the question papers from the police station as per the instructions and deliver them to the examination centre. And remain present at the examination center till 10 am on the exam date and will leave the examination center only after the examination starts smoothly. The presence and monitoring of the collector representative will be monitored through the app. During the examination dates, Center Head, Assistant Center Head, Supervisor and attached staff/examinees will be completely prohibited from using or bringing mobile phones to the examination centre. Any type of reporting will not be done through mobile phones. Madhya Pradesh along with others against those who are negligent in examination work. Actions will be taken under the Recognized Examination Act 1937. During this, Collector Ms. Tanvi Hooda, Superintendent of Police Agam Jain, District Panchayat CEO Mrs. Rekha Rathore and concerned officers were present in the video conferencing from the district.

image-103-1024x768 Video conferencing was organized for the successful conduct of school board examinations

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