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Parbhani Gangakhed city’s Godavari river releasing polluted water from the city’s photo


Jan 19, 2024

Gangakhed (Anil Shete) Godavari water does not process contaminated water, resulting in poor health of the citizens. Since the polluted water of Gangakhed city does not process the river and Nalyat, the health of the citizens is at risk due to contaminated water. The Sandapanya river flows into the river or the Godavari river. Since the water in the Godavari river is polluted, the demand for carrying out the Sandapanyavar process is pending.

Water below Sandapanyane river is getting contaminated and pollution is increasing. The decisions of the Pollution Control Board are ignored. According to the Municipal Corporation of Gangakhed city, it is necessary to construct a project for Sandapanyavar process here. The water of the extended city and the urban area goes through drains, rivers and river surroundings. Kapili Nala, Bade Paya-ya Paasun Nala and other parts of the city also meet Sandapani Godavari river. Pollution is increasing in Godavari river. It is the job of the Control Board to give strict instructions in the municipal area. The municipality takes a resolution to carry out the treatment of contaminated water. The mere resolution does not come on paper. It is necessary for the Central Pollution Control Board to direct the State Pollution Control Board to carry out the Sandapanyavar process and take action against the municipalities that are not implementing the petition. Otherwise, the health issues of citizens will become serious day by day due to contaminated water. It is necessary to carry out sanandapyavar process under the Water Pollution Control Act. There is a demand for construction of sewage treatment plant on three to four drains of Gangakhed city. – Parbhani district representative Anil Shete (Maharashtra)

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