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Government bungalows allotted to 13 ministers of Madhya Pradesh, Home Department issued orders


Jan 19, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) Madhya Pradesh Government bungalows allotted to 13 ministers, the Home Department issued orders Dr. Mohan Yadav the work of allotting bungalows in Bhopal to cabinet ministers and offices in the ministry has been expedited. The office of the ministry where Dr. Mohan Yadav used to sit when he was the Higher Education Minister in the Shivraj government has now been given to the School Education and Transport Minister, Rao Uday Pratap Singh. At the same time, the office of Bhupendra Singh, who was the Urban Administration Minister in the Shivraj government, has been given to Vijay Shah.

22 days after the formation of the cabinet in Madhya Pradesh, government accommodation was allotted to 13 ministers. In this regard, orders were issued by the Home Department on Thursday. Most of these ministers were currently living in the guest house. Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Prahlad Singh Patel has been allotted B-7, Civil Lines. Till now, Prahlad Patel was living in the house allotted to his younger former MLA, Jalam Singh.

Whereas School and Transport Minister Rao Uday Pratap Singh was living in Circuit House, he has been allotted B-17 of 74 bungalows. Public Health Engineering Minister Sampatiya Uike was staying in the MLA rest house; she has been allotted bungalow B-12A, 74. B-10, 74 bungalow to Women and Child Development Minister Nirmala Bhuria, staying in MLA rest house; B-19, 74 bungalow to New and Renewable Energy Minister Rakesh Shukla, staying in MLA rest house; Forest, Environment, and Scheduled Caste Minister Nagar Singh Chauhan has been allotted bungalow B-12B, 74.

Apart from this, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Minister Chaitanya Kashyap said B-2, Kashiana Bungalow. B-11, 74 Bungalow, to Culture and Tourism Minister Dharmendra Bhav Singh Lodhi. Cottage and Village Industries Minister Dilip Jaiswal B-2, Char Imli. Skill Development and Employment Minister Gautam Tetwal, C-1, 74 Bungalow. Minister of State for Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development, Lakhan Patel C-14, Shivaji Nagar. Social Justice and Disabled Welfare Minister Narayan Singh Kushwaha has been allotted a bungalow in B-11, Char Imli.

Many ministers who lost the elections did not vacate their bungalows. 12 ministers of the Shivraj government have lost the elections, but they have not vacated the bungalows yet. After this, even the ministers who won the elections have not yet vacated their bungalows. According to the Home Department, a bungalow can also be allotted to a former MLA. The Chief Minister has this privilege. However, the condition is that he should have been a former minister or party official.

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