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Railway Division Initiates Nagda-Gujri and Lebar-Manpur Highway Sections for Indore-Dahod Railway Line Extension


Jan 18, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) train will pass below… We will increase the length of the existing flyover by 24 meters and convert it into a four-lane road until Phansiwali Tekri.

The situation has become clear regarding the railway crossing at the flyover located on the Nagda-Gujri Highway regarding the Indore-Dahod railway line. For this, Ratlam Railway Division will increase the process by 24 meters and convert it into a four-lane road until Phansiwali Tekri. So that the train passes from below and the traffic can pass through the flyover without any obstruction. Along with this, a flyover will also be built on the Lebar-Manpur four-lane, which will be as per the two-lane. Tenders have been floated for both of these works, and the agency will finalize them by February 7. However, both of these overbridges on the highway are big works. While the work of small, full culverts is going on, So, due to various reasons, more than 80 percent of the work has been completed. In fact, under the 205-kilometer-long Indore-Dahod rail project, work is currently going on at a fast pace in the section from Pithampur to Dhar. While digging for the underpass on Sunarkhedi Road before the overbridge, a base has also been made by laying rebar. For this, Sunarkhedi Road has been closed until March 20, and traffic has been diverted to the highway. Or only after the completion of the work will work be done to increase the length of the overbridge, because this will be an important road to divert the traffic on Nagda Gujri Highway. So that work can be done without interruption. According to Western Railway Board officials, different agencies are working in a piecemeal manner. The target is to complete the work by December 2024 and test the engine by December 2024.
In such a situation, the concerned agencies are working day and night to complete the work within the time limit.

Work increased after coming to the PM portal.

This project was launched in 2008. Meanwhile, due to a lack of budget, there was no progress in the work. Then, when the budget started increasing, the work got stuck due to Corona. After coming on the PM portal, the target has been set to complete the work of connecting Dhar to Indore by June 2024 and test the engine by December. Whereas the track has already been laid between Indore and Tihi, Pithampur Tunnel work is also going on.

Meanwhile, the service road will also be widened, and the train will be taken out from under it.
Railway Board officials
I was told that the length of the Nagda-Gujri Highway Kale Ratlam Road flyover will be increased by 24 meters to connect it with the four-lane urban area. Meanwhile, the service road will also be widened, and the train will be taken out from under it. A two-kilometer-long platform is also being built near the flyover. For this, construction of the building structure has started. At the same time, a flyover will also be built on Lebar Manpur’s four-lane crossing, which will be two lanes.

Tenders have been floated for both works.

Ratlam Division has floated tenders for the flyover at Nagda Gujri Highway and the flyover to be built for the crossing of the Lebar-Manpur four-lane road. The final work will be started by the agency by February 7th. Now these were the big tasks after the tunnel. After Pithampur, earthwork has been completed till Dhar; bridges and culverts have also been built at most of the places; and the laying of ballast has started.

Khemraj Meena, PRO, West Ratlam Railway Division

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