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Another commendable work of social worker Neeraj


Jan 18, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) Meghnagar With the help of Rajendra Srivastava, the house of Tidu Dodiyar, who was missing for a year, was found. Rajendra Srivastava works to unite the strays through social media, and also does many social works like blood donation and last rites of the abandoned through social sites. Remain in the lead.

Today, many youths are joining their services and are coming forward in their services, like this wandering Titu Dodiyar from Mahandikheda district, Jhabua has again found his family home, who had gone to work for more than a year on the pretext of working as a laborer, but did not return. This wanderer During that time, his leg was hit by a vehicle, Titu wrapped a plastic wrap on the injured spot and kept wandering around, which after some time started rotting and pus got infested with innumerable insects, destroying half of his paw. He was lying abandoned outside MY Hospital in Indore, which was helped by Indore’s social workers Jaiyu Joshi, Karim Pathan, members of Mahankal organization and got him admitted in the hospital and got him treated. Jaiyu Joshi of Indore team got to know him and His video was sent to Srivastava and help was sought.

Srivastava contacted the family in just two hours. Today Titu along with his family came to village Mahandikheda of Meghnagar from Indore. Titu’s family members expressed their gratitude to Jayyu Joshi of Indore, Karim Pathan* Rajendra Srivastava of Meghnagar and thanked Neeraj.

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