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Marathi Melodies Omi Vaidya’s Journey in His Mother’s Village


Jan 17, 2024

(Rajkumar Munde) The concept of audiobooks became popular in the advanced countries of the world. Thus, it is now well rooted inside us. The incident testifying to this has now come to light through a Marathi film. That is, Storytel has also got a role in famous actor Omi Vaidya’s film “Ae Gaal Marathi Bol.” It is shown that the hero of this film uses Storytel to listen to Marathi stories. This will be the first experiment of its kind to watch an audiobook from a film.

Talking about this, Omi Vaidya said that while playing the hero in the film, I was shown listening to ‘Just Friends’ on Storytel. I like this idea. Because hero Samar is from America and his Marathi is very raw. This sends the message that he listens to things in Marathi to make things better. Actually, I am a reader as well as a listener. I am L. I like Deshpande’s literature very much. It’s a pleasure to enjoy Pul’s writing on Storytel.

Storytel comes to the audience in Marathi from the idea of As Village author Amrita Hardikar. Talking about this, she says, I myself am a reader of old books. I like to read with a book in my hand. However, after moving to America, especially during the Corona period, I turned to audiobooks through Storytel and was impressed by them. It is very difficult to bring various characters and events before the eyes of the audience so effectively through just sound and background music without showing any visuals. “I like that most audiobooks on Storytel allow the listener to experience them. So, while writing for the film, I thought that when the film’s hero, Samar, from America, starts learning Marathi, it would be more convenient for him to learn Marathi by listening to stories and poems to read along with the book. Hand. So in the film, the heroine Avanti introduces him to Storytel. In the film, Just Friends is seen listening to the book Summer Storytale. After watching this film, everyone will understand my opinion that our original identity, our culture, and our identity can be developed outside of India only through our mother tongue. When one understands this, one is encouraged to travel the world and leave one’s mark. So, I think “storytell” is an effective medium for this.

image-90 Marathi Melodies Omi Vaidya's Journey in His Mother's Village

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