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Cover-Up Unraveled Garden Watchman and Operator Arrested in 5-Day-Old Murder Case


Jan 17, 2024

Madhya Pradesh Bhind (Pawan Paruthi) Under the guidance of Superintendent of Police Bhind Dr. Asit Yadav and under the direction of Additional Superintendent of Police Mr. Sanjeev Pathak, City Superintendent of Police Mr. Arun Kumar, under the leadership of Police Station Incharge Dehat Niri Pradeep Soni, the blind murder was exposed and the dead body was found. Both the accused who threw it on the side of the road canal have been arrested.

What is the matter – On 10.01.24 morning, the body of an unknown person was found lying soaked in blood on the banks of Virdhanpura canal. Information was given to the city for identification of the unknown body. The family members of the deceased were considering the dead body found on the roadside as a vehicle accident and they did not say that there was any suspicion on anyone. But under the direction of Superintendent of Police Dr. Shri Asit Yadav, instructions were given to investigate the accidental accident meticulously and considering the accident as an incident, investigate the incident meticulously and keep the circumstances of the incident in mind.

Investigation details – During the investigation, after watching the CCTV footage near the incident site and the city on the night of 09.01.24 and 10.01.24, it was found that a car was seen going from Bhind city near the incident site at night and on this basis further links were added. Went. On the basis of investigation and circumstantial evidence, it was found that the deceased Basant alias Puchi Jain was murdered by an unknown person and in order to hide the evidence, he kept the body in a car and threw it on the banks of Virdhanpura canal. When the relatives of the deceased were interrogated a lot in this case, they told that they last saw them in Chaudhary Manglik Bhawan, Bhind. When Choudhary Manglik Bhavan and its watchman were closely interrogated, both of them revealed the whole truth and admitted to killing the deceased Basant alias Puchi Jain and throwing the body on the banks of the canal.

This is how the conspiracy was hatched: The deceased Basant alias Puchchi Jain of the accused worked as a confectioner and was staying in Chaudhary Manglik Bhawan for the last two days. Basant alias Puchchi Jain was not married due to which he used to go to his house less and used to work as a confectioner and eat there. He used to sleep after eating. On the night of 08th and 09th January, Basant alias Puchi Jain had slept with the watchman of Chaudhary Garden. Deceased Basant alias Puchi Jain was repeatedly going in and out of the room due to which the watchman got fed up and hit the head of deceased Puchi Jain against the wall. In the morning, deceased Puchi Jain was found dead. The watchman told the above incident to the operator of Chaudhary Manglik Bhawan. The operator came back to Bhind since he was in Gwalior and the watchman and the operator kept the body of the deceased Puchi Jain in his car at night and threw it on the banks of the canal of Virdhanpura. Puchi Jain was murdered by the watchman and his body was disposed of along with the operator. Both the above accused have been arrested and are being presented in the court.

In the said commendable action, City Superintendent of Police Mr. Arun Kumar, Niri Pradeep Soni, Niri Deependra Yadav, Uni Vijay Shivhare, Uni Laxman Kishore Gubarele, Uni Nagesh Sharma, Uni Satyaveer Singh Pr Sonendra Rajawat, Gurudas Sohi, Satendra Singh, Pramod Parashar, Mahesh R. Sandeep Rajawat, Subhash Tomar, Bhupendra Rajawat, Gyanendra Mishra, Anand Dixit, Rahul Yadav have played important roles.

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