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Woman gave birth to her own newborn baby and threw it away abandoned


Jan 15, 2024

Jhabua (Ali Asghar Bohra) woman gives birth to her own newborn baby and throws it away. Being an unmarried woman, in order to hide the information about her child, she threw the child on the village Balwasa main road in the bitter cold. Kaknavani police station caught and arrested the mother of the unknown newborn baby and the accused from village Balwasa. Necessary instructions were given by Superintendent of Police Jhabua Agam Jain to the station incharge and outpost incharge in Harinagar regarding the search for an unknown newborn baby thrown by an unknown person in the crime number 427/2023, section 317 of Bhadvi of police station Kakanwani. Superintendent of Police Jhabua Agam Jain and under the guidance of Additional Superintendent of Police Jhabua Premlal Kurve, under the direction of SDOP Ravindra Singh Rathi, on receipt of information from the informer to search for the person who threw the unknown newborn baby by an unknown person on the roadside at village Balwasa Main Road on December 20, 2023.

On January 13, 2024, police station in-charge Tara Mandloi and outpost in-charge Harinagar UNI Jagannath Kanas formed a team and raided the places mentioned by the informer. Accused Anju father Nathu caste Damor, age 21 years, resident of village Balwasa, and accused Sunil father Kalu Ninama, age 23 years resident. Village Kharonda Rural Police Station Dahod District Dahod Gujarat was arrested on January 13, 2024, and confessed to the crime while inquiring about an unknown newborn baby. Both accused were duly arrested, presented in the Honorable Court Thandla, and sent to judicial custody in Jhabua and District The newborn baby is safe after being treated in the hospital in Jhabua. Special role: police station in-charge Inspector Tara Mandloi, Uni Jagannath Kanas outpost in-charge, Harinagar R.No. 534 Nanuram Davar outpost, Harinagar work. PR.10 Bharatsingh post was of Harinagar.

image-81-1024x576 Woman gave birth to her own newborn baby and threw it away abandoned

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