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Mahageet Ishwar Prerna A Quranic Guide for Indian Masses by Pandit Mustafa Arif


Jan 15, 2024

Jhabua (Ali Asghar Bohra) Offline and online discussions were held on various topics a the conclusion of the five-day Mumbai International Litfest organized under the leadership of Chairman Keshav Rai under the joint aegis of Hindi Akademi Mumbai and Malwa Theater Committee.

On this occasion, author-reviewer Rakesh Kumar discussed in detail the 10,000-verse, 18-chapter hymn ‘Ishwar Prerna, written in Hindi by Pandit Mustafa Arif. Giving detailed information about his Mahageet based on the teachings of Quran Sharif, he described it as a guiding work for the people of India.

Pandit Mustafa Arif said that by presenting the 6666 verses of the Quran in the form of 10,000 verses in Hindi, the misconceptions of the present generation and the common people will be resolved. The fabric of mutual understanding and harmony will be further strengthened by Hamde Azeem, a great song written in praise of God, keeping the Indian perspective in mind.

On the last day, Shri Keshav Rai and Shri Rajesh Rathi and the short film ‘Ek Din Hi Kyun’ on the dominance, neglect, and decreasing influence of the mother tongue Hindi on the monarchy? were demonstrated. The direction and screenplay are also written by Keshav Rai and Rajesh Rathi. This presentation mesmerized the audience. All aspects of the construction were commendable.

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