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Collector Takes Charge: Directs Swift Resolution of Pending CM Helpline Complaints


Jan 15, 2024

Bhopal (Guslan Paruthi) Collector Koslendra Vikram Singh held a weekly review meeting of deadline papers and gave various instructions to the officers.

* The collector received information regarding preparations for National Voters’ Day on January 25.

* The Collector instructed the Mining Department to continue taking action against illegal excavation and transportation of minerals and to increase the proceedings.

* In connection with the Revenue Maha Campaign starting on January 15, the Collector instructed all the revenue officers to resolve the revenue cases by giving priority to the points under the campaign.

* The collector instructed all the officers to clean their offices, keeping cleanliness in mind.

* The Collector will run a cleanliness campaign in the Collectorate on January 16th at 8 a.m.

* The Collector instructed all the SDMs to hold a meeting with the operators and priests of the temples under their area and conduct cleanliness campaigns by lighting lamps.

* The Collector directed all concerned to follow the instructions to close the markets in the city at 11 p.m., not to sell meat in the open, and to follow the instructions issued regarding loud speakers.

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