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Wandering Home Gopal’s Journey from Karnataka to Meghnagar


Jan 14, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) Meghnagar 70-year-old Gopal Alawani, resident of village Hiremanoli of Khanapur Post under Belgaum district of Karnataka state, had wandered and reached Meghnagar in Madhya Pradesh. Gopal was roaming in Meghnagar for two days, asking everyone the way back home, but no one was able to understand his Kannada language or what he was saying. A driver called him a social worker from Meghnagar who works to reunite the stray animals. Took to Srivastava!

Neeraj, from his own end, gave their information to his friend from Karnataka. He resolved the language problem over the phone. After that, he took out the family’s mobile number from the Aadhaar center and told everything to his son. Finally, with the help of Srivastava, the lost Gopal was rescued from Meghnagar. Sent by train from Vadodara and Vadodara to Belgaum. In which he was supported by the GRP staff of Meghnagar and the GRP staff of Vadodara. Social organizations, intelligentsia, and friends of the area congratulated Srivastava for his service.

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