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Guru devotees from all over the country will become witnesses in the 16-day Pratistha Mahotsav


Jan 14, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) was the sixth Acharya Samrat of the tradition of Jhaknavada Petlawad Pujya Gurudev and was decorated with many titles. The sacred inspiration was given by the virtuous emperor Acharya Dev Shrimad Vijay Jayant Sen Surishwar ji and your own elder guru brother Yogiraj Shantivijay ji. Let us tell you that in Jalore district of Rajasthan, the restoration of the historical heritage of 52 Jinalayas of Lord Mahavir Swami, the 24th Tirthankara of the most ancient Trilok, had started. Along with the 52 Jinalayas, the entire Jain community is happy with the construction of the Vardhaman Rajendra Jainagam temple. .

Trishikhar Aarsopal Bawan Jinalaya was built by digging the foundation stone, laying the foundation stone and filling the foundation while consecrating the pilgrimage leader Atibanka Lord Mahavir Swami. After this, the divine world of the virtuous emperor Gurudev Jayantsen Surishwarji M.S.A., the center of public faith, also took place on this holy land on 17 January, April 2017. After this, this Mahatirtha became established forever in the heart temple of thousands of Guru devotees like a virtuous emperor. With this, this Maha Teerth became famous on the world stage with a golden chapter.

A 16-day Tatvatraiya Pratishtha Mahotsav is being organized from 5 February to 20 February 2024 under the guidance of the present Acharya Gachchadhipati Nityasen Surishwarji and Acharya Jayaratna Surishwarji.

Chhajed told that in Bhandavpur Maha Teerth, National President of All India Shri Rajendra Jain Youth Council, Prakash Chhajed said that the magazine of this festival will be distributed in Shri Sanghs of 84 villages across Madhya Pradesh on Sunday. Along with this, while giving information, it was said that it will be distributed simultaneously among the Chief Minister of the state, Dr. Mohan Yadav, many public representatives of the state and all the sects of Jain society. Chhajed told that the title of Acharya was also given to the virtuous emperor Acharya Jayantsen Suri Shwarji Maharaj Saheb in this Bhandavpur pilgrimage. In this pilgrimage, all the Guru devotees from across the country were eagerly waiting for the consecration of the temple of Punya Samrat along with the consecration of the temple of Lord Mahavir from the Devlok of Punya Samrat.

Samadhi temple also built

Shah Mishrimal, Hastimal, Parasmal, Bhabuta ji student Palgota Chauhan family, residents of Surana, have taken advantage of the Shri Shashwat Jin Chaitya Ganadhar Purvacharya temple being built in this Mahatirtha.

They also took advantage

Gunidevi, Sumermal, Narsaji, Balgota families resident of Mangalwa took advantage of the Guru temple of Vishwa Pujya Dada Gurudev Shrimad Vijay Rajendra Surishwar Ji. Punya Samrat Jayant Sen Surishwar Ji M.S. Samadhi Mandir has been availed by Mangal Chand, Munnilal Hirani family Revatada. The Samadhi temple of Guru Shri Shanti Vijay Ji has also been built on this pilgrimage site.

Prakash Chhajed appealed to all the Shree Sandos of Madhya Pradesh to disrespect the organization of this Pratistha Mahotsav and to participate wholeheartedly in this entire event from the youth, women, girls and daughters-in-law units of Akhil Bharatiya Shri Rajendra Parishad. Is.

He gave invitation in Raipuria, Petlavad, Jhaknavada

Due to the 16-day Pratistha Mahotsav to be held at Bhandavpur Mahatirtha in Rajasthan on 19 February 2024, on 14 January, the heads of all the Shreesanghas and council family presidents of Petlavad, Raipuria and Jhaknavada were informed by area in-charge Rajmal Bhandari, Sharad Bafna, Rakesh Lodha, Rajat Kavadiya, Manish Kumat (Jain) presented the magazine of Bhandavpur Pratishtha Mahotsav and made an emotional request to attend the event and make the event successful.

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