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Kampu Police Station Four Arrested in Vehicle Theft Ring with 6 Motorcycles and 1 Activa Recovered


Jan 12, 2024

Gwalior (Pavan Paruthi) Date: 12.01.2024 On the instructions of the Superintendent of Police, Gwalior Shri Rajesh Singh Chandel (BJP), effective action is being taken to arrest vehicle thieves to curb vehicle theft in Gwalior district. In line with the above instructions, Additional Superintendent of Police, City Central, Mr. Akhilesh Rainwal, instructed police station in-charge Kampu to develop an informer system to catch the thieves by recovering the stolen vehicles from the police station area. In the same context, on January 11, 2023, Kampu Police received information from an informant that two persons were waiting near the water tank Pahadia Avadpura with two stolen motorcycles, trying to sell them. Based on the above information, a team from the Kampu police station was sent to verify the information and take action.

In compliance with the instructions of senior officers, under the able guidance of CSP Inderganj Mr. Ashok Singh Jadaun, the police station in-charge, Kampu Inspector Shivkumar Sharma, sent the team of police station Kampu police force for action near the water tank Pahadia Avadpura, the place mentioned by the informer. The police team saw two suspicious persons standing near the water tank, Pahadia Avadpura, carrying motorcycles from two Hero companies. Seeing the police team coming towards them, they tried to run away, leaving the motorcycles on the spot, but both suspects were surrounded by the police team. Was caught. On asking the names and addresses of the two arrested suspects, the first one identified himself as a resident of Sasan Ward No. 5, Bhitarwar Police Station, Gwalior Hall, Kasai Mohalla, Avadpura, and the other as a resident of Village Sarva Police Station, Gohad, District Bhind.

When the two arrested suspects were interrogated regarding the two motorcycles found in their possession, they made an attempt to mislead the police. When the police team interrogated both suspects thoroughly, they admitted to stealing both motorcycles from Hydari Ki Gali, Avadpura, and Inderganj. From which the police team duly confiscated both the stolen motorcycles. During interrogation, the thief living in Kasai Mohalla Avadpura, a resident of Hall, told me that he, along with his other associates, used to steal vehicles from different places in the city. He stole a motorcycle and an Activa car from a poultry farm with the intention of selling them. The hills of Pichora are hidden near Avadpura, and splendor is said to be sold in the village of Repura near Md. Goraghat.

It was told by the said accused that I was earlier arrested in a theft case at police station Kampu and was told to be lodged in the police stations of Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, and other police stations in Gwalior city. From which the police team, at the behest of both vehicle thieves, seized a motorcycle and an Activa vehicle stolen from Poultry Farm Pichhor Pahadiya Avadpura, and both the thieves were arrested in the case of U.P. 02/24 Section 379 of the Indian Penal Code of Police Station Kampu. . When both the arrested vehicle thieves were interrogated about their third accomplice, based on their testimony, the third accused was arrested near Bhuri Mata temple. Two stolen motorcycles were seized from Avadpura, behind the government school, at the house of the third accused. On January 12, 2023, the police team caught the resident of village Repura, district Datia, who had purchased the stolen motorcycle from the said accused, and seized the stolen Hero Splendor motorcycle from him.

It may be noted that on 20.12.2023, complainant Arshad Khan, resident of Awadpura Hydari Ki Gali Kampu, had reported in the police station Kampu that my Hero Deluxe motorcycle was stolen by a thief from outside my house. On the basis of the said report, a case of UPC-02/24 Section 379 IPC was registered against the unknown thief in Police Station Kampu and taken up for investigation.

Mashrooka recovered 6 motorcycles and 1 Activa vehicle.

Commendable role:- Station in-charge Kampu NRI Shivkumar Sharma, PR Ramniwas Singh, R Sher Singh, Saksham Tiwari, Omprakash, Shamim Khan, Rakesh Rawat played a commendable role.

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