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Cutting-Edge Advanced Technology Showcase Drone-Powered Nano Urea Spraying


Jan 10, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) During the Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra, the latest advanced technology of agriculture was sprayed on the wheat crop through drones in the farmers’ fields, and a live demonstration of the said new technology was given among the farmers participating in the program.

Two drones are available in the district for spraying nanourea through drones during the yatra. Through which the farmers of the district are being made aware of spraying nanourea on crops through drone technology by performing programs in two development blocks every day as per the schedule of drone demonstrations as per the schedule for various development blocks of the district.

N.S. Rawat, Deputy Director, Farmer Welfare and Agriculture Development District, Jhabua, informed that in the present situation, during the Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra, demonstrations in 71 Gram Panchayats were conducted under the instructions of Collector Ms. Tanvi Hooda to make farmers aware.

Drone demonstration work in the program was authorized by N.F.L. and is being done by the company. Interested farmers in the district can purchase drones privately. For this, you can consult Assistant Agricultural Engineer Jhabua.

Detailed information about drone training, etc., can be obtained from the Assistant Agricultural Engineer, District Jhabua.

Through drones, not only nanourea can be sprayed on crops, but also pesticides and herbicides can be sprayed. With the above-mentioned advanced technology, farmers can save time as well as reduce the cost of urea. Nano-urea is a better alternative to subsidized urea as well as being low-cost.

The percentage of urea in nanourea is 4. Packing a bottle of Nano Urea in the form of 500 ml. Available in market in quantity.
The maximum price is 225 pesos per bottle. One bottle of nanourea is sufficient for spraying crops on one acre. The first spraying of Nano Urea on the wheat crop is done after 30–35 days of sowing, and the second spraying is done after 55–60 days of sowing. 1 bottle of nanourea dissolved in 125 liters of water is sufficient for spraying on 1 acre.

In this way, farmer brothers can reduce the cost of agriculture by using nanourea and increase crop net income. Like Nano Urea, Nano DAP is also available on the market in 500 ml. Available in bottle packaging. In the critical situation, 66,000 bottles of Nano Urea and Nano D.A.P. are available in the district. 2452 have been used by the farmers of Botley district. 8 percent nitrogen and 6 percent phosphorus are found in NanoDAP. The maximum price is fixed at Rs 600 per bottle. DAP can be used for foliar spraying and seed treatment.

5 ml of seed treatment the rate of per kilogram of seeds and like nanourea, by preparing a solution with 4 ml per liter of water, it can be done 30-35 days after sowing the crop. There is an appeal to the farmer brothers of the district to use more and more nanourea and nanoD.A. Use of P and modern and advanced agricultural technology for spraying crops in agriculture can get necessary advice regarding drones from the office of the Assistant Agricultural Engineer.

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