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Dinesh Patidar Assumes Presidency as Congress Hoists Flag at Tribal Cooperative Society Meghnagar


Jan 9, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) President, Vice President, and Directors were formed in the recently held society elections in the Meghnagar area of Jhabua district. Congress hoisted its flag on these societies: (1) Meghnagar, (2) Mandali, (3) Madrani, and (4) Panch Piplia Society. Elections were held on January 3, and the panel of Congress supported candidates in these four societies. Kingmaker regional MLA Veersingh Bhuria played an important role.

So the election was conducted under the leadership of Meghnagar Block President Yameen Shaikh. Regional MLA Veer Singh Bhuria kept the command in his hands and monitored the Congress panel at all four places, and the supremacy of Congress was maintained due to the team of Regional MLA Veer Singh Bhuria.

Congress dedicated Dinesh Patidar Agral was elected unopposed for the post of President of Tribal Cooperative Society Meghnagar.

Congress dedicated Sanjay Katara to the post of President of Primitive Caste Cooperative Society Panch Pipliya Committee, elected unopposed to the post of President Manu Bhuria Mandali, elected unopposed to the post of President of Primitive Caste Cooperative Society, elected unopposed

Kalsih Garwal of Congress, Madrani, was elected unopposed to the post of president. MLA Veer Singh Bhuria also comes from the Meghnagar development block, and the credit for being elected unopposed as President and Vice President of Congress in the tribal institutions of Meghnagar also goes to the land holdings of MLA Veer Singh Bhuria.

MLA Bhuria, while staying in this area, has greatly propagated the customs and policies of the Congress and is always busy strengthening the credibility of the Congress in the area. MLA Veersingh Bhuria says that the Congress Party is the party of the poor proletariat class, and Congress has always worked for the welfare of the poor.

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