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Collaborative Efforts for Enhanced Traffic and Law Enforcement in Gwalior A Call to Chamber of Commerce


Jan 9, 2024

Gwalior (Pavan Paruthi) Chamber President Dr. Praveen Aggarwal assured the police administration to install cameras with the help of the market association. A meeting was organized in the Madhya Pradesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the presence of Superintendent of Police Rajesh Singh Chandel on the traffic and law and order of the city. Along with the Superintendent of Police, Additional Superintendent of Police (Traffic)-Dr. Hrishikesh Meena, DSP Traffic-Ajit Singh Chauhan, CSP Lashkar-K.M. Siaz, Traffic TI-Gola Ka Mandir-Dhananjay Sharma, Traffic TI-Jhansi Road-Pramod Sahu, and Traffic TI-Kampu-Abhishek Raghuvanshi were present.

At the beginning of the program, the guests were welcomed by the officials of the chamber with a basket of fruits and a scarf. MPCCI President Dr. Praveen Aggarwal, in his welcome address on this occasion, said that today the Superintendent of Police, along with his entire team, has come to the Chamber of Commerce on our request. Gwalior Police is doing better work, due to which crimes are happening less, and the percentage of tracing crimes when they occur is also above 90 percent.

You said that the traffic system of the city also comes under law and order. If we solve this problem technically, then we will be able to make better efforts even with less police force. You said that we hope that the traffic problems raised in today’s meeting will also be resolved. On the initiative of the government, every small businessman is moving towards cashless, but cyber crimes are becoming a deterrent to his move. Therefore, to prevent cyber crime, a helpline number should be issued so that a person can quickly register their complaint when a cyber crime occurs, because the first few hours are very important in these incidents.

If effective action is taken during this time, then cybercriminals can be caught. While placing the written suggestions received from businessmen and industrialists in the meeting, Mansevi Secretary said that if the police stop the vehicles coming from the wrong side, do not allow encroachment on the roads, and keep the left turns on the roads free, then the traffic problem in the city will be solved.

The diagnosis will almost be done. Due to these three reasons, the city’s transport system is collapsing, and there is a great need to work on it as a priority. Businessmen and industrialists who attended the meeting raised concerns about left turns, wrong-side vehicles, loud horns, encroachment on roads, problems being caused by passenger vehicle stops, tractor trolleys coming to the city during peak times, an increasing number of e-rickshaws, auto rickshaws, and traffic. In view of the accidents on the bridges built in the Birla Nagar area on Signal, AG Office Bridge, and Gadar Wali Pulia, suggestions for their improvement and the problem of traffic jams in various markets of the city, including Lashkar, Murar, and suburban Gwalior, were also given in the meeting.

The matter was placed before the Superintendent of Police and his team. Additional Superintendent of Police Dr. Rishikesh Meena noted down every point put forward by the traders and presented its appropriate solution in the meeting. He also said that the works under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Corporation, Smart City, and Collector should be done soon through them.

Superintendent of Police Rajesh Singh Chandel said in his address that we are all aware of the problems in the city. There are three types of problems in the city: personal, interest-based, and common. The difficulty arises when we mix these three. You gave the example that when I lived in Indore, it was not that clean a city, but today it is continuously becoming number one in cleanliness. It has gradually moved towards this, and today almost every citizen there takes care of the cleanliness and traffic system of the city.

If you and I cooperate together, the traffic system of the city will be solved, and our Gwalior city will also become well organized in traffic. We inspected 26 points of the city along with the collector, noted the problems, and are continuously working on them. We are doing an e-challan using technology. We asked for 650 cameras, which the police force has not been able to get till now. You said that if you help the police in this, we will be able to make a better system. You said that the traffic system in the markets will be improved by holding a meeting with the association there on the second and fourth Saturdays.

The responsibility of the police station in-charges was fixed on working effectively to improve the traffic system in their police station area. You said that if you do not keep the loading and unloading times at their peak in the busy markets of the city, it can help improve the traffic system. You said that you consider the customer as God; then keep a parking space for your God in front of your business place; do not park your vehicle there. You said that a WhatsApp number would be issued to provide information about cyber crimes. Also, what to do and what not to do to prevent crimes will be disseminated.

An awareness seminar will be organized for businessmen in the chamber building. Chairman Dr. Praveen Aggarwal assured the Superintendent of Police that cameras will be provided to the police administration with the help of the market association, but they will have to be controlled by the police administration only. Also, a seminar will be organized this month to prevent cyber crimes. At the end of the program, mementos were given to the guests.

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