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All India Kavi Sammelan District Abuzz with Preparations for Grand Poetry Extravaganza on January 13th


Jan 9, 2024

Meghnagar (Ali Asghar Bohra)The same is being seen for the first time this time with the unforgettable historical poetic ritual Kalamkar ki Udaan 2024. On the occasion of Vivekananda Jayanti Lohiri festival and Makar Sankranti, a Kavi Sammelan will be organized in the night on January 13 at the local bus stand under the aforesaid offer of the Tehsil Journalist Association and Indian Journalist Association. Ram Mandir Pratistha Mahotsav lived in Ayodhya along with Ram Rashtra and Hindi Sahitya Chetna. Due to this, the said event will appear like Ram Rashtra Utsav.

Senior officials of the Indian Journalists Association include National President Vikram Sen, National President of Youth Wing Sandeep Jain, State Convener Salim Sherani, National Vice President Nilesh Bhanpuria State President Umesh Chauhan, State General Secretary Manoj Upadhyay, Jhabua District President Harish Rathore, and District President of Youth Wing Bhupendra Barmandaliya. Preparations for the said event are in full swing with the guidance and advice of the Meghnagar Tehsil Journalist Association’s Patron Vimal, Jain President Prakash Bhandari, Secretary Pankaj Badola, and the Indian Journalist Association’s Meghnagar President Dashrath Singh Kattha, Secretary Sunil Dabi.

Accoardings, banners, and posters are put up at the intersections of the city.

There is extraordinary enthusiasm about the Kavi Sammelan in Meghnagar, where the city is filled with holdings at places like Saichorah Hospital, Tiraha Tempo Crossroads, Railway Station Area, Bus Stand Area, Over Bridge Chowpatty, Rambhapur, etc. Posters were put up in villages, small towns, buses, and tempos, and announcements are going on along with the distribution of poetry recital invitations across the district. Invitations are also being extended to social workers, senior officials, litterateurs, writers, and public representatives of the district. Journalists and literature lovers from the district’s Para Ranapur Raipuria Petlawad Kalyanpura Thandla Khawasa Bamnia Sarangi Pitol, along with Tada Dahod Gujarat and Dugra Kushalgarh of Rajasthan, have been invited.

To listen to the Kavi Sammelan and enjoy the event, MP Guman Singh Damor, MLA Veersih Bhuria, District President Lalita Munia, social worker Brajendra Chunnu Bhaiya, and social worker Suresh Chand Jain Pappu Bhaiya, social worker Vinod Bafna, social worker Raju Nayak, industrialist Anil Dubey, Ajay Veer Singh, Gaurav Khandelwal, industrialist Mahesh Prajapat, and social worker Municipal Council. President Kamlesh Machar Hanumant Ashram Mahant Dayaram Das ji BJP AJK Morcha State President Kalsingh Bhabhar Pankaj Wagrecha social worker, Syed Akhtar Ali social worker, Vishwas Soni social worker, all the councilors of Meghnagar Municipal Council, senior administrative officials of the area, etc. are invited throughout the district. There is immense enthusiasm in the area regarding the said event. Literature lovers are waiting for the coveted occasion of January 13th. Social media, Instagram, and Facebook are inviting acquaintances and each other’s family members to enjoy the Youth Literature Festival of the city.

International and national poets will recite poetry.

Gauri Mishra, famous poet and youth icon, Nainital; Kunwar Javed, melodious lyricist; Kota; Waheguru Bhatia, where there is enthusiasm among the followers about Laughter Express Mumbai; Monica Dehlavi, who is coming for the first time, poetry of Haryana; Laturi Lath; and Abdul Salam Khokar, literature for humorous laughter as well. Everyone’s favorite Ram poets, including Sutdhar Nisar Pathan Rambhapuri, young, affectionate Aman Akshar, and Malvi comedy tadka Narendra Nakhetri, will also spread the magic of their poetry with Kayatha.

image-57-1024x1012 All India Kavi Sammelan District Abuzz with Preparations for Grand Poetry Extravaganza on January 13th

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