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Teerth Guru Delegation Brings Sacred Waters and Melodies to Ayodhya


Jan 8, 2024

Ajmer, Rajasthan (Rajesh Verma) Abhishek will also be done with the holy water of Pushkar Sarovar in the consecration of Ram Lalla on January 22 in Ayodhya. For this, today, after worshiping the lake and doing Dugdhabhishek, a 6-member representative team of Shri Teerth Guru Pushkar Purohit Sangh Trust was sent to Ayodhya with an urn filled with water from the lake and musical instruments. Acting President Pushkarnarayan Adali, Treasurer Vimal Badal Parashar, etc., after taking the decision to send the water of Pushkar Sarovar to Ayodhya for the consecration of Ramlala, worship and milk anointment were performed at Brahma Ghat this morning. After this, a team of six priests—Sanjay Parashar, Ankit Parashar, Ashish Parashar, Sudhanshu Parashar, Devansh Parashar, and Abhishek Parashar—left with water as representatives of the trust.

Before this, Jal Kalash was worshiped at Brahma Ghat with Vedic chanting, and the delegates were garlanded and sent to Ayodhya with much fanfare on behalf of Shri Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha Mahotsav Committee, Pushkar Trust. The delegation will reach Ayodhya on Tuesday and will return after handing over the water urn of Pushkar Sarovar to the Ramlala Pran Pratishtha Mahotsav Committee for the consecration of the Lord. During this, Subhash Guru ji made everyone worship the Sarovar, and on this occasion, Pushkar Purohit Sangh Trisht All members and many enlightened people were present.

image-51-1024x591 Teerth Guru Delegation Brings Sacred Waters and Melodies to Ayodhya

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