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Grand Khatu Baba Shyam Maha Kirtan in Thandla Evening of Devotion with Renowned Bhajan Singer Sanjay Mittal


Jan 8, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) Thandla when there is no hope and you are closed by the whole world, once you call out to Baba Shyam of Khatu, he will become your support in defeat, with this feeling of world friendship and grandeur in the Shyam-loving city of Thandla Nagar. Shri Shyam is organizing Mahakirtan.

World-famous Bhajan singer Sanjay Mittal will spread his melodious voice in the Shyam Mahakirtan to be organized on the huge Dussehra grounds of Thandla on January 12, 2024. Along with him, Durga Gamad, Jeetu Dhora, and local Shyam lover Manish Bairagi will also leave no stone unturned in pleasing Baba. I will not leave.

Shyam-loving devotees told me that the selfless Shyam Seva family has supported me with all their heart and money in the non-political bhajan evening. In the same event, apart from the city, Shyam lovers from many places like Dungar, Malwa, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, etc. came and spent their lives with the help of Baba. Will sail across.

Nishan Yatra will start at noon.

His journey towards the target of the flag marked with three arrows is considered to give the desired results. Shyam Premi, making extensive preparations, will take out a huge Nishan Yatra from the local Hanuman Ashta Temple at noon, which will pass through the major cities of the city, giving the auspicious message of Bhajan Sandhya. All political organizations, social organizations, and all other Shyam lovers have been cordially invited to the Bhajan evening, which will last until Shyam.

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