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Boundary Redefinition Meeting Enhancing Police Station and Outpost Jurisdictions


Jan 8, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) Sub-divisional Revenue Officer Thandla Tarun Jain organized a meeting regarding the redefinition of the boundaries of police stations and outposts under the Thandla section. In the meeting held in Gram Panchayat Dhumadia village Bhurighati and Ratanpada, which come under the present police post Bamnia police station Petlawad, as per revenue, the said gram panchayat falls in tehsil Thandla. In the meeting, it was unanimously decided to include Gram Panchayat Dhumadia in the police post at Khawasa police station Thandla. A decision was taken.

Villages Chapaner, Chawariya, Ratanpada, Bhurighati, and Bijnipada are currently under the Petlawad police station, but as per revenue, all the above-mentioned villages come from Tehsil Thandla. It was unanimously agreed in the meeting to include the villages of Chapaner, Chawaria, Ratanpada, Bhurighati, and Bijnipada in the Thandla police station. A decision was taken.
In the meeting, Rathi, Tehsildar Thandla Anil Baghel, Naib Tehsildar Khawasa Palkesh Parmar, and public representatives, distinguished citizens, officers, and employees of the city were present.

image-55 Boundary Redefinition Meeting Enhancing Police Station and Outpost Jurisdictions

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