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Maharathi 2023 Vidyanjali Bharat Manch’s 8th Annual Event in the Sacred City of Ujjain, Home of Mahakal


Jan 6, 2024

Indore (Damodar Virmal):- Like every year, the seniors, along with the unique talents related to literature, art, education, and society hidden in the home, will also be honored this year under the special guidance and guidance of the organization Vidyanjali Bharat Manch, respected Acharya Umesh Ji Sharma, and Lalita Tripura Sundari Shaktipeeth Narsingh Ghat Ujjain. This is going to be accomplished with cooperation.

The national president of the organization, Damodar Virmal, said that this time the event will be full of spirituality and patriotism. Since the venue of the event is Ujjain, naturally, poems of energy and spirituality will be recited by young poets while giving an introduction to the religious culture. Apart from the Maharathi Award, four other awards will be given to those outstanding talents and seniors who have made incomparable contributions in the fields of literature, art, education, and society.

In the list of annual honors 2023, a total of 25 honors will be given through the organization this year, which include Maharathi Samman, Dharohar Samman, Sahitya Gaurav Samman, Karmayogi Samman, Sarathi Samman, etc. The local coordinator of the said event,Mr. Prashant Vyas Rudra, Mr. Vivek Dubey, and the entire in-charge of media are being handled by the Mr. Ravi Bhushan Srivastava ji (Speak Ujjain) channel. In the main arrangements of the program, the officers of the organization, Mr. Jitendra Shivhare, Mr. Sunil Sipahi, Mr. Rahul Bajrangi, Mr. Sunil Rai,Mr. Vishal Rao, etc.

Will be present. As part of the event, the organization’s website and Nari Parameshwari, written by Kamlesh Pardeshi ji, will be released. Only invited guests will attend this event, which will be held on January 14, 2024, from 12 to 5 p.m.

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