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Child Molester Arrested After Firing on Patwari in Car Dispute 315-Bore Pistol Recovered


Jan 6, 2024

Gwalior (Pavan Paruthi) Dated 06.01.2024. On the instructions of Superintendent of Police Gwalior Rajesh Singh Chandel, BHP, effective action is being taken against the criminals possessing illegal weapons and absconding in Gwalior district. Gwalior Police received information from an informant on January 6, 2024, that the accused, who was absconding in the case of U.P. 07/24 Section 307, 294, 323, 506, 34 IPC of Gwalior police station, was standing near Koteshwar temple under the Gwalior police station area.

Senior officials were informed about the above information. On top of the above information, Superintendent of Police City (Central), Shri Akhilesh Rainwal, directed the Gwalior police station to verify the informer’s information and take action.In compliance with the instructions of senior officers, under the guidance of CSP Gwalior Mrs. Shubha Srivastava, Gwalior police station in-charge Inspector Upendra Chhari sent a team of Gwalior police station for action near Koteshwar temple, the place mentioned by the informer.

The police team saw a suspicious boy standing near the Koteshwar temple who tried to run away after seeing the police team coming towards him but was surrounded and caught by the police team.On asking the name and address of the caught boy, he told himself to be a resident of Chandan Nagar, Ghasmandi, Gwalior. When the arrested boy was interrogated at the Gwalior police station regarding the crime, he got angry after his dog collided with the car, and along with his two other companions, he admitted to beating Patwari Nitin Rai and firing a pistol at him.

On the instance of the said boy, the police team duly seized the 315-bar country-made pistol used in the incident from his house in Chandan Nagar Ghasmandi.Since the caught boy is a minor, he will be taken into custody and presented before the juvenile court. The search is on for other accused who are absconding in the said crime.

Let it be known that on January 3, 2024, the complainant, Patwari Nitin Rai, a resident of Rai Colony, Ghasmandi Gwalior, lodged a report that on January 2, 2024, at 11 a.m., I was going for duty when, on the way, the dog of a person living in the locality collided with my car.

Due to which, he slapped me. After that, I went for my duty. The next day, when I went to the market to buy things, near Chandan Nagar Kalari, that person, along with his other two friends, beat me up and tried to kill me. He fired the gun with intention, due to which I narrowly escaped. On the basis of the said report, a case under U.P. 07/2024 Section 307, 294, 323, 506, and 34 IPC was registered against the three accused in the Gwalior police station and taken up for investigation.

Seized Mashrooka: A 315-bore country-made pistol was used in the incident.

Commendable role: station in-charge Niri Upendra Chhari, Uni Balbir Mavai, R Rahul Bhadauria, Vivek Tomar, and Brij Kishore played a commendable role in arresting the accused of the said attempt to murder.

WhatsApp-Image-2024-01-06-at-10.13.22-PM-1-1021x1024 Child Molester Arrested After Firing on Patwari in Car Dispute 315-Bore Pistol Recovered

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