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A legal literacy camp was organized


Jan 6, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) is the Principal District Judge and Chairman of the District Legal Services Authority Jhabua, under the guidance of Mrs. Vidhi Saxena, headed by Principal Judge Family Court Anish Kumar Mishra and First District Judge Rajendra Kumar Sharma, in the presence of District Legal Aid Officer Sagar Aggarwal and Advocate Vishwas Shah. NALSA (Child Friendly Legal Services and Legal Services for Their Protection) Scheme at Government Polytechnic College, Jhabua.

Legal literacy camps were organized under this and other subjects. In the camp, Chief Justice Family Court Anish Kumar Mishra told the college students that legal literacy means that we know about our rights and duties. It helps us understand how the law works. Legal literacy is important because it helps us protect our rights.When we know about our rights, we can stand up to defend them.

We can also know what to do when our rights are violated. He gave detailed information to the students on fundamental rights, fundamental duties, and the right to education. He said that the right to education is a fundamental right in India.

Along with this, information about Lok Adalat, mediation, and the court process was also given. In the camp, the first District Judge, Rajendra Kumar Sharma, while explaining about the subject of the POCSO Act, said that the POCSO Act 2012 is a law of India that is meant to prevent sexual exploitation of children. This law is effective November 14, 2012.

This law covers all types of sexual crimes committed against children, such as rape, molestation, showing obscene material, and making pornography.

In this law, the provisions of punishment in cases of sexual exploitation of children have also been made stringent. Under the POCSO Act, a person found guilty of committing a sexual offense against a child can be sentenced to a minimum of 7 years and a maximum of life imprisonment. If you or someone you know is a victim of child sexual abuse, please notify the police immediately.

You can also contact the child helpline at 1098. In the camp, District Legal Aid Officer Sagar Aggarwal gave detailed information about the IT Act and urged the college students to focus on their studies so that they can become good people in life. . He advised the students to stay away from drugs.

In the camp, Assistant Legal Aid Defense Counsel Vishwas Shah explained to the students in detail about the Legal Aid Defense Counsel system. The program was conducted by Professor Yashwant Mandloi, and a vote of thanks was given by College Principal Girish Gupta. College staff and students should be present in the program.

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