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Global Perspectives: 15th International Conference at Prestige Management and Research Institute, Gwalior


Jan 6, 2024

Gwalior (Pavan Paruthi) Prestige Institute of Management and Research is going to again add a new dimension to academicians, experts from the industrial world, and researchers at the international level with the 15th edition of its prestigious international conference in the year 2024, from January 6 to 7. Used to be. Through this international conference, researchers from the academic and industrial worlds will get an opportunity to connect themselves with the current scenario and present their research work in various social, managerial, and other research contexts, along with new facts.

The international conference organized by Prestige Management and Research Institute, Gwalior, is very popular and holds a special place on the world stage. Many scholars from academia and industry were present in the inaugural session of the 15th edition of the international conference on January 5, 2024. As president of the Prestige Management and Research Institute, Gwalior always tries to do something new.

A special guest present in the inaugural session was C.A. Prabhat Chopra, Chopra Consultants. Gwalior moderated the entire panel discussion, in which he asked questions to all the guests, to which all the guests gave very intelligent answers, and he also emphasized the need for all the students to become entrepreneurs after academics. He encouraged all the students so that they could take their lives to new heights.

Ankur Maheshwari ji, who was present in the inaugural session, said that half of the graduate students in our country are unemployed, but on the other hand, this youth is also the backbone of our country. We need to give our youth the right direction towards entrepreneurship because only through this will we be able to show the whole world that we are better than them.

The first keynote speaker present at the inaugural session was Justin Paul, Professor, University of Puerto Rico, USA. He said that India is moving towards a $5 trillion economy, and he also said that if India wants to achieve this goal, then it needs integration between industry and academia. This is the only way through which India can achieve its target of a $5 trillion economy.

The second keynote speaker, Anil Trigunayat, IFS, Confederation of Education Excellence, who was present in the inaugural session, said that in today’s era, students need to utilize their entrepreneurship skills not only in setting up a new business for themselves but also in their job. should also be used so that he can achieve a new position in the industry in which he is working.

The third keynote speaker, Anil Bhasin, who was present in the inaugural session, while answering the question of India’s lagging behind in the Industry Academia Partnership, said that we should not keep the students focused only on studies but should help them in doing that work. Only what they are interested in can help them achieve success in their lives.

At the function, Devesh Jain, Chairman, Prestige Education Foundation, shared his experiences with the participants present at the conference and told about the phase the entire world is going through in the field of industry management today. It is very challenging. If the problem is not understood and its proper treatment is not done in time, then the industries have to go through difficult times. Shri Devesh Jain asked the participants to do research on meaningful topics, pursue them in a proper manner, use the available resources properly, and contribute to society.

Dr. Nishant Joshi, Director of Prestige Management Institute, said that through this conference, Prestige Management and Research Institute, Gwalior, is going to add a new dimension to academicians, experts from the industrial world, and researchers. Through this international conference, professors associated with the education world will get an opportunity to connect themselves with the current scenario and present their research works on various social, managerial, and other research contexts along with new facts. They also told us that our The topic of the international conference is completely new and is being organized for the first time in the Gwalior region. With this, we will be able to maintain harmony between industry and academia. He announced the Outstanding Alumni Award.

Co-Director of the Institute, Tarika Singh Sikarwar, said that our 15th International Conference is based on academia and industry, which will try to bridge the gap between academia and industry in the coming times, and she presented the Management Excellence Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award. Announced.

In the 15th International Conference, awards were distributed for different categories, including the Management Excellence Award, Dr. Manoranjan Sharma, the Life Time Achievement Award, Mr. Anil Bhasin, the Outstanding Alumni Award, Dr. Kshmendra Sharma, and the Ph.D. Completion Award: Dr. Amrita Bhadauria and Dr. Priyanka Chawla, respectively. 10 years of service completion award Dr. Abhay Dubey, Dr. Praveen Aronkar, 20-year service completion award Shri Prem Narayan Pol, and 25-year service completion award Shri R.S. Gave to Bhadauria.

Today, on the first day of the conference, seven technical sessions were organized, of which five were offline and two were online. The first session was the Besti PhD Presentation, in which PhD presentations were made. This information was given by conference coordinator Dr. Abhay Dubey. Academicians and industrialists from India and abroad were present during the inaugural session today. Abhay Dubey gave a vote of thanks in the inaugural session. Dr. Chanda Gulati, co-coordinator of the international conference, informed us that the winning participants will be given cash prizes and citations in the form of the Best Paper Award. The program was conducted by Dr. Amrapali Sapra.

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