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Sheikh Zahoor became the bridegroom of the heart of Akot city


Jan 6, 2024

Akot city (Zafar Khan) Yes, Sheikh Zahoor does not need any praise. Sheikh Zahoor Noora Bhai is the son of a building material supplier. He has a family of two boys and two girls. Also, Noora Bhai lives his life with simplicity. Similarly, Sheikh Zahoor also lived his life with simplicity and focused completely on his work. In the city of Akot, along with living well with people of all religions, he is also a sensible person who stays away from things like wealth, poverty, high and low, casteism, pride, and arrogance, and perhaps this is the reason why even the biggest of people have a lot of respect for him. People of all religions were seen at the wedding of respected Sheikh Zahoor.
And it has been heard from every small and big person in Akot city that Sheikh Zahoor has become a groom today. Along with congratulating Sheikh Zahoor on his wedding, everyone also blessed him and wished him to always be happy in life. One such picture of the groom, King Akot to Zafar Khan

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