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Many important decisions were taken in the general board of the city council


Jan 5, 2024

Lakhisarai (Atmanand Singh) The atmosphere at the city council was full of revenge. There was a NAP Board meeting on Friday. After 45 days, the ward councilors were very happy to find Chairman Arvind Paswan among them. In the meeting, NAP gave a New Year gift to the regular and master role-players. It was decided to give two pairs of uniforms to these cleaning workers.

The chairman asked the cleaning incharge, Jitend Kumar, what the cost of two pairs of uniforms would be. After doing the accounts, the meeting decided to give uniforms to the cleaning workers. Each will be given Rs. 4000 for a uniform. NAP has decided to purchase land to dump the waste generated from all 33 wards of the city. For this, 5–10 acres of land will be required. City Manager Kumar Gautam said that land will be taken on lease to dump garbage within a 10-kilometer radius of the city. If not received, NAP will purchase the land at the current market price.

Infrastructure for community co-marriage will be developed.
It has been decided to develop the infrastructure of the community co-marriage building built in the city. Deputy Chairman Shiv Shankar Ram raised the issue that the construction of community co-marriage buildings is being disrupted in anticipation of government land. It was decided that where government land is not available, land will be purchased under government provisions.

The building will be constructed. The ward councilor raised the issue of Samrat Ashok Bhawan being built in Ward 24. Said the building has been constructed by spending lakhs. There are no facilities available there. Even the toilet tank has not been constructed. What is the justification for constructing such a building? He said that if the facility is expanded, NPP will earn lakhs annually.

Councilor Rekha Devi raised the issue of blanket distribution. She said that before January 14, the city council should make arrangements for the distribution of blankets among the poor. The board rejected this. 24 Councilor Sunil Kumar raised the demand of giving them ID cards for identification of NGO sanitation workers. The councilors present also gave their consent to this.

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