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Kukshi Tehsil’s Inclusion in Barwani District Eases Travel; Narmada Belt Villages Face Distance Challenge


Jan 5, 2024

Jhabua (Rahim Sherani) With the inclusion of Kukshi tehsil in Barwani district, people will not have to travel 110 km to Dhar. After coming to Dhar district, the villages in the Narmada belt become far away from the district headquarters.

Indore There are many villages in the Narmada belt in Barwani district that are near Barwani district, but their district headquarters are in Dhar. Due to this, people here have to travel more than 100 to 110 km to get work done. Whereas everyone goes to Barwani for shopping and business. Recently, Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav held a review meeting of the Indore division in Khargone.

In this, it was asked to form a committee soon for the redefinition of districts.
If the villages along the Narmada belt are included in Barwani district, then it will provide convenience to the people, and along with the increase in the revenue of the district, trade business will also increase.

Kukshi is only 40 km from Barwani and 110 km from Dhar.

Kukshi is only 40 km from Barwani district, while its district headquarters in Dhar are 110 km away. In such a situation, people in this country have to travel 110 km for administrative work. Due to this, people have to spend more time. Apart from this, other villages, including Manawar, Dahi, Gandhwani, Nisarpur, and Kadmal, also come within an area of 50 km from Barwani district.

Their residents will benefit.

It is known that there are many places in Dhar district that are close to Barwani, but due to the wrong demarcation, they have moved to other districts. If these villages are connected to Barwani district, then people will get convenience. Also, transportation will become easier. Need for a bridge over Narmada to connect to Manawar
At present, to go from Barwani to Manawar, people have to travel about 50 km. Whereas in Chhota Badda village, people cross the Narmada by boat and reach Manawar directly. It takes only 10 minutes for this.

If a bridge is constructed on Narmada in Chhota Barda village, then many nearby villages will be directly connected to Barwani district. People will get convenience in transportation. At present, people are forced to take risks and travel by boat. Bikes and other items are carried in the boat.

With the construction of a new bridge at Rajghat, the distance to Kukshi will be reduced by 15 km.

Due to the bank water of Narmada, the old bridge at Rajghat remains submerged for about six months in a year. Due to this, to go to Dhar district, people have to go through the Barwani bypass and the Kasrawad bridge.

Due to this, the distance between many villages increases. If a bridge is constructed at Rajghat, the distance from here to Kukshi will be reduced by 15 km. Besides, Nisarpur and Kadmal villages will also be directly connected to Barwani.

Villagers in Dhar district told me that Nisarpur and Kadmal come from Dhar district. Whereas after crossing the Rajghat bridge, they would reach Barwani after traveling only five to 10 km. Now people are facing problems due to the sinking of the old bridge. Also, one has to travel 40 km away for business. Construction of a new bridge at Rajghat will provide convenience to the people.

Suggestions sought the redefinition of the boundaries of police stations in the district in compliance with the CM’s instructions.

Along with the redefinition of the boundaries of the district, there will also be a redefinition of the villages around the police stations. For this, the police department has started the process of seeking suggestions from the public. SP Puneet Gehlod said that following the instructions of the CM, the boundaries of the police stations in the district have to be redrawn.

For this, Barwani police have appealed to the people coming under all the police stations of the district to connect such villages whose distance between the village and the police station is much greater than the present police station.

Whereas the distance to other police stations is close, the people and public representatives there can mark such villages and give suggestions through the concerned police station and sub-divisional officer police. In rescheduling, action will be taken to link those villages whose distance is greater than the currently connected police station with other police stations whose distance is closer. For this, people can give this information to the office until January 10.

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