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Bijauli Police Swiftly Apprehend Thief, Recover Stolen Funds from Hanuman Temple Donation Box


Jan 5, 2024

Gwalior (Pavan Paruthi) As per the instructions of Superintendent of Police Gwalior, Mr. Rajesh Singh Chandel, BHP*, a campaign is being run in Gwalior district to arrest thieves and fraudsters. In the same context, on January 4, 2024, the complainant Rajkumar Parihar, a resident of village Dhaneli, filed a report at the police station in Bijauli that the recitation of Ram Katha was going on at the Hanuman temple of the village; hence, he was sleeping outside the temple to take care of the goods kept.

Today at around 03.00 in the morning, when he heard the sound of someone entering the Hanuman temple, he saw that the village youth had run away from the Hanuman temple with a crowbar in his hand. When I called out, the people of the village came, and they also saw him running. We went to the temple and found the lock of the temple gate broken and the donation box, in which around Rs 1500 to 2000 were kept as offerings. Whom the village youth has stolen and taken away. Based on the report of the complainant, a case under Section 457,380 of the Indian Penal Code was registered against the said thief at the Bijauli police station. When the above incident came to the attention of the Additional Superintendent of Police, Gwalior City-North, Mr. Amrit Meena, he instructed the Bijauli police station to immediately arrest the thief who stole from the donation box of the temple.

In compliance with the instructions of senior officers, under the able guidance of SDOP Behat Mr. Santosh Kumar Patel, Police Station Incharge Bijauli Niri Manish Dhakad deployed a team of police station Bal Yeh to search for the accused of theft from the donation box of Hanuman Temple in village Ghaneli. The police team developed the informer system, and during the search, the accused was caught within a few hours. On asking for the name and address of the arrested accused, he revealed himself to be a resident of the village of Dhaneli Bijauli. When the police team interrogated the arrested accused regarding the crime of police station Bijauli, he admitted to stealing money by breaking the donation box of the Hanuman temple of village Dhaneli on January 4, 2024. The money stolen from the donation box was seized from the possession of the accused, caught by the police team. The accused was arrested in the theft case at Bijauli police station.

Commendable role: Police station incharge Bijauli Inspector Manish Dhakad, Police Officer Manoj Sharma, Uday Pratap Sharma, and constable Mansingh have played a role in arresting the said thief.

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