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Villagers Block Road in Protest After Tragic Death of Young Man


Jan 4, 2024

Ajmer,Rajasthan (Rajesh Verma) On January 1, there was a protest against the central government by truck trailer drivers in the Nasirabad subdivision of Ajmer district by blocking the road at the Nasirabad Beawar Marg Bhawani Kheda intersection regarding the hit-and-run case, where the police administration was deployed to remove the huge crowd of drivers. After reaching the spot, the jam was cleared after consulting the driver.

The villagers allege that the police beat up Neeraj Sen, due to which he got seriously injured, and the family admitted the injured Neeraj to Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital in Ajmer for treatment. Today,  the injured Neeraj died in the hospital during treatment. After the death, the villagers blocked the Nasirabad Beawar Mangliyawas road by forming a human chain, accusing the police administration of beating the youth, and demanding compensation for the family of the deceased by placing the dead body on the road.

Due to this, the villagers, gathered in large numbers, are raising slogans against the police administration and demanding the government give the harshest punishment to the guilty police personnel. The villagers say that in the hit-and-run case, the police personnel came to clear the jam created by the drivers.

He had entered the shop of Neeraj Sen and assaulted him, due to which Neeraj was seriously injured, after which he died during treatment today. Let us tell you that, on the information of the jam, Deputy Superintendent of Police Vijay Sankhla, along with heavy police arrests After reaching the spot, he is continuously trying to convince the villagers, but till now, no consensus has been reached on anything.

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